A Regular Season Title Comes to Nashville

Yes, I've heard all that nonsense about how the Presidents Trophy is somehow cursed, and that winning the regular season is a sure-fire ticket to postseason collapse. Well, I certainly hope that doesn't hold true for Fantasy Hockey.

Remember, James, send this to Nashville, not Hamilton!

Not to toot my own horn here (ah, who am I kidding? That's exactly what I'm doing!), but the Fab Forecheckers have just concluded a very successful regular season in James Mirtle's Blogger Invitational Fantasy Hockey League over on Yahoo Sports. Follow some of the links below to find a who's-who of the NHL blogging world:

Mirtle's Blogger Invitational Final Regular Season Standings
Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Moves
*1. The Fab Forecheckers 188-86-25 0.671 401


*2. The blogless wonders 154-114-31 0.567 339


*3. The Alcoholic Army 149-110-40 0.565 338


*4. Mirtle's Merry Men 153-118-28 0.559 334


*5. Matt of the Battle 149-114-36 0.559 334


*6. Spector's Spudheads 145-120-34 0.542 324


7 Tha Gnomes 132-129-38 0.505 302


8 Six Pack 130-129-40 0.502 300


9 CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOG 130-133-36 0.495 296


10 MattGunn 128-133-38 0.492 294


11 Earl Strikes Back 127-133-39 0.490 293


12 Covered in Chris 128-136-35 0.487 291


13 Pension Plan Puppets 130-141-28 0.482 288


14 Sudafed Heroes 120-137-42 0.472 282


15 W.Coast Non-offense 120-140-39 0.467 279


16 HockeyAnalysis 122-143-34 0.465 278


17 Mark Bell Fan Club 122-150-27 0.453 271


18 Tolensky'sAutoStars 118-151-30 0.445 266


19 Islanders Army 112-152-35 0.433 259


20 PA Hockey Knights 90-178-31 0.353 211


*Playoff Teams

Perhaps my favorite part of this is that a 5-6-2* record in Week One was my only losing effort of the entire 23-week season. It's either that or the fact that only two owners made fewer roster moves along the way, a sign both that I drafted well and largely avoided the injury bug.

This week is round one of the playoffs, wherein myself and the Blogless Wonders get a bye; Mirtle matches up with Matt of the Battle to determine my opponent next week, while the other side of the bracket has The Alcoholic Army against Spector's Spudheads.

I'll have to ask Mrs. Forechecker if I can get working on that playoff beard...

*There are 13 scoring categories in this head-to-head league: Goals, Assists, Plus/Minus, PIM, PPG, PPA, GWG, and SOG for skaters, and W, GAA, Saves, Save Pct., and Shutouts for goalies.

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