Support the "Not Alone" program when the Nashville Predators host the Detroit Red Wings on Monday, November 23rd


Next Monday's home game against the Detroit Red Wings is going to be special for a number of reasons; there's the 6:00 Central starting time, the fact that the game marks the Preds' lone appearance on Versus this season, and of course it's the first meeting with Nashville's most-hated Central Division rival.

But it's also an opportunity for Predators fans to help out members of the military and their families, as they cope with the stresses that combat duty places on their lives. Follow after the jump to read about the Featured Charity for that game, Not Alone.

Helping soldiers and their families

Not Alone focuses on the needs of soldiers and their families dealing with the issues raised by combat stress; those of us not familiar with the military life may not realize just how overwhelming the effects of combat stress can be, long after a soldier has returned home. From the Not Alone FAQ:

Not Alone began with the idea of creating a space for warriors and families dealing with combat stress to come together, where they can spend time with others and start the healing process.

Not Alone is intended for:

  • Warriors from any branch of service who are currently serving or have served in combat - especially those who have recently come home.
  • Family members and close friends of warriors that deal with the effects of combat stress on a daily basis.
  • Supporters who care about our warriors and their families.

Combat stress presents a unique set of challenges to our warriors once they return from deployment. By creating a community and providing education, Not Alone can help overcome fears and barriers, thereby helping our warriors and families recover. Not Alone is also partnering with other organizations that can provide resources to overcome the problems caused by combat stress.

Their motto is a powerful one - "Sometimes life demands more than you have to give. That's when you need to know you're not alone."

How You Can Help

Not Alone is raising funds by offering ticket packages to Monday's game. Included for $75 (updated) are a lower-bowl center seat, a t-shirt, and a donation to the Not Alone program. You can order these tickets at

For more on Not Alone, check out recent stories at Fox 17, NewsChannel 5, and The Tennessean.

If you don't have $100 to offer, you can go to the Not Alone website to support the program directly, or please pass the word along to your friends about this very deserving endeavor. For those of you who use Facebook or Twitter, there are buttons at the top and bottom of this story next to the headline, and immediately below this text, that allow you to share this article easily.

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