Looking for a great hockey podcast?

A hockey fan on Twitter (@mrjonnypantz) recently sent me a message asking about hockey podcasts that aren't team specific. While we've got a great assortment of Predators podcasts here in Nashville (check out the 303:30, Preds on the Glass, and Hockeybuzz Radio), what about the fan who wants general NHL talk to fill up his or her playlist?

UPDATE: Make sure to check out the new OTF Podcast as well!

Here are the general NHL podcasts that I subscribe to currently. By all means, add your suggestions in the comments below.

  • Puck Podcast - the most popular podcast on iTunes, this weekly show does a great job of touching on issues from around the league. Eddie and Doug both know the game, and have the broadcasting talent to keep things entertaining. Their recent feature on hockey songs had me laughing out loud in my office...
  • The Rink Podcast - James "Tapeleg" Gralian and Tom Luongo break down the NHL from their perspectives in Denver and Buffalo, respectively. Tom can get a bit cranky at times, but that makes for a nice foil to James' genial style.
  • Hockeycentral at Noon - This is a daily radio show out of Toronto, so naturally it gets Maple Leafs-centric at times, but it makes for a daily dose of solid hockey talk to help get you through the workday.
  • The Faceoff Hockey Show - I've only recently subscribed to this weekly podcast, but Scotty Wazz brings lots of energy to the hockey talk.

The following shows have been on summer hiatus, but should resume soon with the regular season approaching:

  • Bob McKenzie on NHL Live: It's only a 15-minute weekly segment, but it's always worth listening to the best hockey reporter in captivity.
  • Eddie Olczyk on NHL Live: Like McKenzie he just drops by for 15 minutes a week, but he usually has good insight into the issue of the day.
  • Emrick's Angle - another short weekly segment, Mike Emrick packs an informed and insightful hockey history lesson into just a few minutes. He does a masterful job of making every word count, though.
  • The NHL Hour - Love him or hate him, you have to respect how Gary Bettman hosts a weekly radio show and takes calls from fans.

So what else am I missing, folks? Which hockey podcasts should be on every fans' playlist?

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