Thursday's notes: Don't tread on the Pred

As dawn breaks on the Great Snow Bust of 2010 here in Nashville (not a flake in sight this morning, despite apocalyptic predictions), Predators fans can get down to the business of preparing for tonight's game against Carolina. Chris already has the Game Day Preview posted, and after the jump we've got all the news that's fit to click.

This morning we've got a bit of insight (from Toronto, no less) on the talks between the Sports Authority and the team, a look at how the second period has been an issue for the Preds this season, and an interesting question - is there a "Hockey News Curse"?

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Predators News

Stepping on logo makes Predators go loco - The Tennessean
There's a huge Preds logo in the middle of the team's dressing room. I made the "mistake" of stepping on it a couple weeks ago, was immediately pulled aside by one of the PR staff, and warned that that's a no-no. My response? "If they don't want people to step on it, why is it on the floor?"

Co-owner’s woes might strengthen Nashville’s hold on Predators - The Globe and Mail
David Shoalts writes that part of the "negotiation" going on between the Predators ownership and the Metro Sports Authority could involve strengthening the financial guarantee requirements, and pushing out the timeline as to when the team could possibly use an escape clause, in exchange for not finding them in default due to David Freeman's tax lien. That sounds pretty reasonable to me; Metro does have the team over a barrel, considering that Freeman should have advised them about the tax issue. He needs to get that squared away ASAP.

Period Two Bugaboo Burns Preds – Again "
I think AJ's trying to put me out of business, with a breakdown of just how badly the Preds have played in the 2nd period this season.

The Dark Blue Jacket: Channeling Barry Trotz, Part II
The Columbus blogger's search for the secret of Barry Trotz's success leads him to Preds 101.

Confessions of a Predators Fanatic: RYAN SUTER IS GOING TO BE AN OLYMPIAN!!!
One Preds fan is super-excited for the U.S. defenseman...

Predators prospects World Junior Championships wrap - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond sums up how Ryan Ellis and the other future-Preds did in Saskatoon.

Around the NHL

The Life Cycle of An NHL Coach - Hockey From the Cheap Seats
Matt looks at the steps involved as a hockey coach's job heads down the toilet.

Trade Andrew Cogliano? No, no, no, a thousand times no. - Cult of Hockey
David Staples rebuts Lowetide's article from yesterday, wondering whether it was time for the Oilers to give up on the young forward.

Pacific: Bryzgalov is Pacific's top star at midseason -
One of the most fortunate things to happen to any NHL team in the last few seasons was when Anaheim waived Ilya Bryzgalov, allowing Phoenix to pick up a legitimate starter without having to make a trade.

Sabres A Few Goals Short of A Cup Contender - Die By The Blade
Can Buffalo hang tough with the other Eastern Conference contenders?

Markov Montreal's leader in all but name - The Globe and Mail
The Habs have crawled back into playoff contention in the East, thanks in good part to the return of defenseman Andrei Markov.

Is there a Hockey News Curse on NHL players? - Hockey Independent
If there is a curse, can we get that cover spread on the Blackhawks ASAP?

Five Hole Fanatics: On Clutch and Narratives
Excellent stuff from Kent on whether or not the concept of "clutch" applies to hockey. It's a fitting rejoinder to the John Buccigross piece I linked to yesterday.

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