OtF Play of the Week (Week 6)


Here's a little fun to get you in the mood for tonight's game. That week left a much better feeling than the 2 previous. I guess winning will do that. The week started off with a gut wrenching, last second loss to the Ducks, but then finished off with 2 huge Shootout wins against the Blues and Blackhawks. Hopefully the return of Suter and Erat will provide a little consistency.

Videos after the jump

A. Goal: Steve Sullivan(5)- Patric Hornqvist(2) (17:16, 1st) 11/7/10

Hornqvist showed great effort (Horndog: effort?... nah) in keeping the puck and then making a perfect pass to Sully, who put a really nice backhander over Jonas Hiller's glove.

B. Goal: Cal O'Reilly(2)- Cody Franson(4), Marcel Goc(3) (16:13, 3rd) 11/7/10

I can't say enough about O'Reilly's contribution to this team so far this season. I think he's the runaway MVP so far this season. Franson made a smart decision to put the puck towards the net with 2 Preds waiting.

C. Save: Marcel Goc (9:43, 1st) 11/11/10

Pekka Rinne might have gotten official credit for the save, but it was Goc who bailed him out. The return of Goc has made a huge difference in our team.

D. Goal: Cal O'Reilly(3)- Francis Bouillon(3), Patric Hornqvist(3) (13:44, 2nd) 11/11/10

Nobody does it better than Chris.

E. SO Goal: Marcel Goc (Round 4, SO-winner) 11/11/10

F. Goal: Shane O'Brien(2)- Marcel Goc(4), Kevin Klein(3) (2:37, 2nd) 11/13/10


G. Save: Pekka Rinne (17:15, 2nd) 11/13/10

This PK was a huge momentum grabber at this point in the game. And this goal was the highlight of the PK. Pekka is still full of these incredible saves. It's just those simple ones he's got to work on.

H. SO Goal: Cal O'Reilly (Round 1, SO-winner) 11/13/10

Yep. This the 3rd time he's featured in this week's contest. I think that he's pretty much locked himself into the SO lineup this year.

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