OtF Play of the Week (Week 7)


Last week was a roller coaster week for Preds fans. We saw an exciting 3 goal lead vanish and tear our hearts out against the Maple Leafs. Then we saw one of the strongest performances by our team this year against the Canadiens. And then to wrap the week up, we saw a shootout thriller against the Hurricanes. In all of these up and down moments, there were several contenders for PoTW.

Videos after the jump...

A. Goal: J.P. Dumont(3)- David Legwand(5), Ryan Suter(4) (8:13, 1st) 11/16/10

This play starts off with great forechecking, which eventually leads to a shot by Suter, and then a b-e-a-utiful pass to Dumont. What a pass.

B. Goal: Jordin Tootoo(2)- David Legwand(6), Joel Ward(3) (11:33, 1st) 11/16/10

This is one of the best goals I've seen by a Predator in awhile. Toots just completely undressed the Leafs defense on this one.

C. Goal: Marcel Goc(3) (4:41, 2nd) 11/16/10

Wow! A Predator finishing a shorthanded breakaway?! That's just the kind of crazy night it was.

D. Save: Pekka Rinne (15:10, 1st) 11/18/10

It was good to see Rinne respond to the Leafs disaster and get a shutout. I love watching Rinne's sprawling saves.

E. Goal: Marcel Goc(4)- Francis Bouillon(5), Kevin Klein(4) (1:19, 2nd) 11/18/10

Bouillon did a nice job of working the puck down the boards and finding an open Goc, who turned around and put it in.

F. Goal: Cal O'Reilly(4)- Steve Sullivan(5), Patric Hornqvist(4) (8:55, 3rd) 11/18/10

I'm pretty sure that Cal O'Reilly has been in this contest a couple times each week. He's become an impact player for this team.

G. Goal: Jerred Smithson(1)- Jordin Tootoo(6), Joel Ward(4) (3:53, 2nd) 11/20/10

Tootoo has made a lot of plays this year. Good to see Smitty get in on the scoring action.

H. SO Goal: Martin Erat (Round 3, SO-winner) 11/20/10



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