How far will your favorite team travel this year? Check the 2010-11 NHL Super Schedule!

With today's announcement of the 2010-11 NHL Regular Season schedule, the debates will naturally begin over which team has the toughest or easiest schedule, who has to travel the most, who has the most games on back-to-back nights, etc.

For years, those debates were founded in ignorance and partisanship, so for the fourth consecutive season, I'd like to present the NHL Super Schedule to help inform your arguments.

Follow after the jump for a freely downloadable version of the schedule, along with all the details as to which teams will travel the most and least this upcoming season...

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As you can see in the table below (which covers the upcoming season along with the last two), after yielding their title to Calgary for a season, the San Jose Sharks resume their position as the Most Frequent Flyers in the NHL, traveling an expected 56,254 miles during 2010-11. The least-traveled teams will continue to be those in the New England area, like New Jersey (27,152) and the New York Islanders (28,210).

Another concern is the number of times each team has to play on back-to-back nights. The typical "points percentage" for an NHL team is about .560 (they earn 56% of all possible points), but that dips by about .050 for teams which are coming off a game the night before. This year, the Buffalo Sabres face the greatest burden there, with 22 back-to-back sets, whereas the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks have the fewest with 11.

Surprisingly, even without the Olympic break sandwiched into the season, we see an increase in the number of back-to-back sets that teams have to play this year, with the average going up from 15.1 to 15.8 per team.

  Team 08-09 Miles 09-10 Miles 10-11 Miles 08-09 B2B 09-10 B2B 10-11 B2B
 Anaheim Ducks 47,910 49,068 45,868 18 17 15
 Atlanta Thrashers 42,172 37,768 44,079 15 16 15
 Boston Bruins 30,865 34,969 35,673 16 17 14
 Buffalo Sabres 30,542 25,911 30,124 17 18 22
 Calgary Flames 52,941 55,331 47,827 14 14 13
 Carolina Hurricanes 37,958 38,360 40,874 14 16 21
 Chicago Blackhawks 38,557 43,417 39,580 16 19 18
 Colorado Avalanche 47,889 43,405 44,190 8 16 14
 Columbus Blue Jackets 41,305 40,410 44,600 20 12 18
 Dallas Stars 51,541 51,182 44,880 15 12 12
 Detroit Red Wings 39,642 42,477 39,793 16 13 14
 Edmonton Oilers 49,941 49,191 50,309 16 11 11
 Florida Panthers 44,178 47,873 40,601 12 18 15
 Los Angeles Kings 44,917 45,682 39,348 15 12 13
 Minnesota Wild 44,083 43,599 50,805 17 15 19
 Montreal Canadiens 32,128 38,029 32,910 13 16 16
 Nashville Predators 40,958 39,749 42,379 13 15 13
 New Jersey Devils 29,289 31,340 27,152 18 19 20
 New York Islanders 28,126 31,550 28,210 17 19 20
 New York Rangers 34,603 33,615 29,063 15 13 18
 Ottawa Senators 31,828 34,338 32,157 16 11 16
 Philadelphia Flyers 29,510 29,087 29,716 18 16 16
 Phoenix Coyotes 51,233 49,707 53,843 16 13 16
 Pittsburgh Penguins 32,277 29,691 28,948 13 16 17
 San Jose Sharks 56,111 46,415 56,254 14 13 14
 St. Louis Blues 41,248 44,971 41,473 19 18 17
 Tampa Bay Lightning 45,812 37,722 40,522 16 12 17
 Toronto Maple Leafs 33,240 32,313 33,470 13 18 14
 Vancouver Canucks 51,206 48,221 51,213 11 14 11
 Washington Capitals 28,321 33,561 31,858 13 13 15
  Average 40,344 40,782 39,807 15.1 15.1 15.8

Click on any of the column headers to sort by that value. Data corrected 7/26/2010.

For travel miles, I've set up a matrix outlining the distance (as the crow flies) from each NHL arena to every other NHL arena. Thus, as each team goes through the schedule from Game 1 to 82, I track the distance from each site to the next. Accommodations are made for the teams opening the season in Europe (with the assumption that they travel home from Europe before their next road game) and the All-Star Game (if a team has road games immediately before and after the break, I insert a trip home).

Below, you can get a preview of what the spreadsheet looks like. You can download it from Google Docs into your favorite spreadsheet application, and hammer away at it as you like, whether that's performing a Strength of Schedule analysis that splits out 5-on-5, PP, and PK work, counting the number of times each team has to go through a Time Zone change, or determining the number of one-game road trips and home stands (which is something that's often complained about).

Scroll down for the column explanations, where needed. If you go through the spreadsheet and notice anything odd, feel free to email me at with a question or clarification.

Game: Game number for that team within the 82-game campaign.

H/R: Home or Road game.

Days Gap: The number of days since that team's previous game. Days Gap = 1 means a game on back-to-back nights.

Opp Win%: The opponent's winning percentage from the 2009-10 season. The columns that follow (Goals/G, GA/G, etc.) also come from the opponent that night.

Date Value: A numerical expression of the date, useful for formula purposes.

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