Where are the best places to go in Nashville before & after a Predators game?

This week's conversation starter is an open call for input from Preds fans to answer a question we often see pop up from time to time as a newbie prepares to go to their first game at Bridgestone Arena:

Where are the best places to go before or after the game?

Here in Nashville, we are fortunate to have the arena situated right in the heart of downtown, so there are a gazillion options available. One constant refrain heard from visitors is that Nashville is one of the favorite stops on the NHL schedule. To quote David Pollack of the San Jose Mercury News:

I have yet to find anyone connected with hockey — players, writers, coaches — who does not love coming to this city. Myself included. In part it’s the proximity of the hotel and the rink and the honky tonks, but it’s also the music. Everywhere.

Follow after the jump for my suggestions, and please let us know your favorite hangouts!

Admittedly, I don't get the chance to do very much pre- or post-game hanging out in the city, as I've usually got one of my kids in tow, but a few times a year the Mrs. & I get a babysitter and make an evening of things. Here's a few of the places we've hit:

  1. Paradise Park - just a block or so down Broadway, it's a good option for a burger & fries before the game.
  2. McFadden's - a little further away over on 2nd Ave., I was hopeful but a little under-impressed when we stopped there before a game last season. Despite not being busy, our service was very slow (you'd think they'd know that two people wearing Preds jerseys have plans to move on), but the food was decent. We'll give them another shot, I'm sure.
  3. The Palm - OK, this was a rarity, but I love a nice high-end steak dinner, so we treated ourselves to an awesome meal before walking across the street and watching the Preds fall to the Ducks 3-2 in January. The only downside here was that by using the valet parking at the Palm, you have to wait a long time for the post-game crowd to clear out before traffic can get moving. Oh, and watching the valet guys bring up a parade of Bentleys, Jaguars and Mercedes, then have your old Ford Focus station wagon thrown in the middle, is a bit of an ego-crusher.

So what are your favorite pre- and post-game haunts?

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