Giving Thanks - Part 2

Another fine installment here, so I'm moving it to the front page - Dirk

A few days ago I looked at several Predators players and wrote about ways in which I was thankful for them. Whether it was play on the ice, personality, characteristics that make them who they are - there is always something to give thanks for. Now, I will look at the rest of the current team as we roll toward the Thanksgiving holiday.

Matt Halischuk

I'm thankful to see you get a chance to develop on the NHL level and watch as you become an integral part of the team. The hustle you show each game is both noticed and appreciated, especially by the OTFers here.

Jack Hillen

Watching your game, I'm grateful that you've been able to, for the most part, integrate into the team's defensive play without too much problems. And you do it without showing attitude or being standoffish, improving with each game.

Colin Wilson

Toward the end of last season, fans were left wondering what was to come of you, being healthy-scratched for the playoffs. I thank you for not letting that get you down, because it's evident you applied yourself in the offseason to get yourself to the point where you won't be scratched in that way due to your play again. Your play on the ice is very improved and we are glad you are taking your game up a notch - when the team needs it most.

Shea Weber

It's kind of hard to narrow this down - thanks for your hits, scoring, physicality, and example on the ice. Thanks for emerging as a leader in the transition from the previous leadership. Thanks giving our team notoriety and visibility throughout the last few years. And thanks for the game-tying goal in Anaheim last postseason.

Mike Fisher

It's been nice to see you transition into the team's play and leadership as well as you have. That the front office has looked to get you for a while indicates you'd be a good fit, so thank you for being a leader on and off the ice and for playing with effort. And I appreciate you being vocal in your beliefs.

Nick Spaling

I give thanks for the way you play, your penalty killing, and how versatile you are. You still have offensive development yet untapped on the NHL level, and I hope you're able to get that aspect going as you continue onward.

Teemu Laakso

I know it must be hard being the seventh man in a defensive corps. You've worked hard and shown skill to get here, but I'm thankful that you have been patient all this time, while being away from Finland, and are not bringing negativity to the team while you wait for your opportunity.

Anders Lindback

Simply, thank you for making me smile! The video clips featuring you just give me the image of you being a big kid having fun with where you're at in the game. I know @FakeLindback has some to do with that mental picture, but you've played very well for the team - hope you're enjoying the ride.

Craig Smith

Making the team the way you have, it's been because you fill a need the Predators have lacked. Thank you for shooting the puck and being tenacious on the offensive side of the ice. Keep the effort up, and you'll always have fans appreciate you here.

Jordin Tootoo

Watching you during your entire career here, I appreciate that you play hard and do not back down. No one could have known when you checked into the substance abuse program what was going on in your life, but I am grateful that you realized that you needed help, and can now use that experience to help others as well.

Niclas Bergfors

Thanks for persevering as you get to know the team and what the coaches are needing from you. If you look at how Sergei's season went last year, you can use that as a blueprint to earn a greater offensive role.

Brian McGrattan

It's obvious that you like doing what you do, and I hope you're able to expand your play beyond that of a traditional enforcer role. I am grateful you're on our team (and therefore not beating on our players) and look to stand up for your teammates as well as work to get the crowd going.

That's it for Part 2. There are other non-players who I would like to offer thanks for, and in the final installment I will profile those folks and continue to show gratefulness to whom it is due.

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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