Follow-Up on the Potential Meet-Up!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, so I decided to write Part 2 of this meet-up plan! Big thanks to everyone for participating and sharing good dates and bad dates and needs and suggestions! Just as a heads up, this is going to be a longer post. I want to make sure to include ALL the information we need to make a decision, and for me that entails lots of organized, fun-looking lists! :)

I'm not quite sure how to ACTUALLY get this whole thing going, but it seems like it would be a good start to definitively figure out several things, including who is invested in coming, what games people already have tickets for, and, finally, which date(s) we should decide upon for our game(s). Someone will probably then need to be proactive and offer to get group tickets (if that's what we do). If that ends up being the case, I think everyone is trustworthy enough to pay people back? Yes? I also reread every comment on my first FanPost, then combined and organized any and all bits of information that individuals posted about dates, tickets, and availability (you can find that after the jump).

Anyway, before we get even further into the dirty details, the issue of "No-Perfect-Game" needs to be brought up. Because there are so many people interested in this, settling upon one, perfect game that we can all go to is impossible. SO, perhaps we could consider attending 2 games (also because so many people already have tickets). We might not be able to sit together, but like CAustin, Shadow, and a few others suggested, we could always meet up before and/or after a game as well! Rippy's and The Flying Saucer were mentioned. Good choices. Obviously, two games will be more expensive than one (although if we do a College Night, it might not be TOO bad for some of us), but it's just something to consider. Thoughts?

The People and The Tickets!

Don't Have Tickets

bvkv09: "I am definitely in!! Don’t even care what game. Let me know what everyone decides and I am in."

Link: December 15th, 26th, 28th

Shadow: December 22nd, 28th

Davisca: December 22nd, 28th

DonBorvio: December 28th, January 1st

Totals: December 28th (3) and December 22nd (2)

Already Have Tickets

Shadow: Has tickets for December 15th

CAustin: Has tickets for December 15th

Josiah: Has tickets for December 15th and 26th

Stormy: Has tickets for December 15th, 22nd, and 26th

Davisca: Has tickets for December 26th

#6CannonFire / Cisar / OddManRush / PredWheels: Have tickets for December 15th, 22nd, 26th, and 28th

Totals: December 15th (4), December 26th (3)

Total Totals

December 26th: 6 (5 Ticketed, 3 Interested)

December 15th: 5 (6 Ticketed, 1 Interested)

December 22nd: 3 (3 Ticketed, 2 Interested)

December 28th: 3 (2 Ticketed, 3 Interested)

Total-Totals Totals: December 26th (8), December 15th (7) -- both are Wings games

The Games and The Dates!

Thursday, December 15th (College Night)

Detroit Red Wings --> Votes from FanPost: 3

Considerations: (1) College Night; (2) Red Wings; (3) CN+RW = might be harder to get seats together; (4) CAustin, Josiah, Stormy, and Shadow (at the very least) have tickets; (5) Link can go; (6) Davisca (any others?) will not be in town yet

Thursday, December 22nd (College Night)

Columbus Blue Jackets --> Votes from FanPost: 5

Considerations: (1) College Night = cheaper!; (2) only game Shadow can go to; (3) Stormy has tickets; (4) probably could get seats together; (5) as a side-note, most college and grad students should be back in town by the 22nd

Monday, December 26th

Detroit Red Wings --> Votes from FanPost: 3

Considerations: (1) Red Wings; (2) might be harder to get tickets (especially RIGHT after Christmas, and especially together); (2) Link can go; (3) Stormy, Josiah, and Davisca have tickets

Wednesday, December 28th

Minnesota Wild --> Votes from FanPost: 3

Considerations: (1) Only game DonBorvio can go to (we aren't doing January); (2) Link and Davisca can go; (3) high likelihood of getting seats together

The Totals and The Final Thoughts!

(1) It seems to me like it might not be a bad idea to look at doing 2 games, especially because so many people are already invested with Red Wings tickets (to one/both games), and in that light, it doesn't seem like one more ticket would be too bad? Maybe, maybe not. December 26th seems to have the most interest on here so far, in terms of my totals (which are taken only from the comments on the first FanPost).

(2) The Columbus game got the most rec's (5) on the first FanPost, so it's the popular choice! (Not as many comments about it as others, but more rec's.) If this is one of our choices, we should talk about getting tickets soon - especially if we want to sit together for this one (which I highly suggest)!

(3) OnlyFanInJC mentioned that personal agents are pretty flexible about College Night group discounts, and Josiah mentioned that you can get a discount for groups of 8 people online. Both seem like good options. If you are either (a) JC or Josiah, or (b) more knowledgeable about these discounts (especially in terms of comparatively lower prices/group number/etc.) than I am, please chime in and let everyone know what you think, if you're willing to join in, if you're willing to help out, etc.!

Alright! Thank you for bearing with me. I'll post the games and dates in the comments like CAustin did. Rec the game you prefer (avoid rec'ing if you already have tickets - we're trying to hear from the silent, not-yet-decided masses!), and if you feel like you need to, please explain why you need/want a certain game (particularly if you don't have much flexibility, or if you're limited by school, travel, family, etc.)!! Please rec up to, but no more than, 2 games.




This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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