Preds-Hawks Ticket Winners

Great thanks to all On the Forecheck readers who expressed interest in the five tickets available for tomorrow night’s Predators-Blackhawks game.  Determining the recipients was a complicated and occasionally heated process for the judges.  That would be Mrs. Hillbilly and me.  Only the suggestion of a slap upside the head settled the question, and that’s only because I’ve learned to take what seem to be her lighthearted threats semi-seriously.  Even then, we could not bring the final number down to five.  I’ll explain that  in a moment.

Guests at the Game

  • horny27  With an engagement ring in his pocket, he intends to propose marriage to his girlfriend during an intermission.  If she accepts—and believe me, horny27, we’re all on your side in this one--Bridgestone Arena will witness a Miracle Just Off the Ice.  I will make sure there are two tickets in your envelope at Will Call.
  • Tiffany Short Caperton  Her son has undergone three open heart surgeries in the first four years of his life but that has not apparently dimmed his enthusiasm for Predators games and his hero, J.P. Dumont, in particular. Certainly a Predators victory will gladden his heart. It’s even possible J.P. might actually shoot the puck, who knows? The envelope at Will Call will have three tickets.

Ticket Delivery  

I am asking horny27 and Tiffany Shoert Caperton to send me the names to print on the Will Call envelopes at this address:  As Creeping Death correctly pointed out, Will Call requires a drivers license or other form identification to claim tickets.  I need no other particulars, just the names.

Request for Photos 

I do have one request of horny27 and Tiffany Short Caperton.  I would like to take photographs at the game to share with On the Forecheck readers.  (The best moment, obviously, would come in the course of the marriage proposal!)  Please let me know if/when that would work best for you all.

 One More Thing.  Make That Two More Things. 

Now, about that magic number five.  Mrs. Hillbilly and I worked very diligently—and a little too ruthlessly, for my taste—to trim the list of requests.  Each name crossed off brought its share of regret.  But one potential recipient brought absolute sorrow. 

  • tnranger  He wanted to take his five-year-old son to his first Predators game of the season.  Income issues have posed financial difficulties until now.  

Therefore, I leaned all over a friendly soul in my section of the arena to part with tickets for the St. Patricks Day game, March 17, against the Boston Bruins.  These two seats are in Row F, Section 114.  So, tnranger¸if that date and game work for you and Brady, let me know at and I will leave two tickets for you at Will Call.

Again, thanks to everyone for participating. 

It’s great to be in Predator Nation, isn’t it?

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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