OtF Goal of the Series (Round 1)


Now that was fun. Don't jump on me too much if I didn't inlclude your favorite goal. There were 22 to choose from, after all. Speaking of 22, I'm sure you'll see a lot of him in this contest. Hopefully there will be 3 more of these before the season ends.

Videos that made us scream like little girls after the jump...

A. Steve Sullivan finishes a breakaway chance.

It was hard to even imagine Sully playing in the playoffs this year, much less contributing 2 huge goals to the team. This just proves why he'll always be a fan favorite.

Steve Sullivan (1) Tip-In - Assists: C. Franson (1) & B. Geoffrion (1)

B. Mike Fisher creates #danellisproblems.

I know it's been said several times over the past few weeks, but whaterrr. We would not have made the playoffs without the Fish. We would not have won this series without the Fish. Is he already the best ever acquisition by the Nashville Predators?

Mike Fisher (1) Snap Shot - Assists: P. Hornqvist (1) & K. Klein (1)

C. Patric Hornqvist gets the Preds back on track.

This goal started an improbable 3rd period comeback in Game 2. They fell short in the end, but at least they made things exciting. Looking at the stats, you can tell that the PP was emphasized before this series started, especially after last year's horrid postseason effort. This goal is the result of that emphasis.

PPG - Patric Hornqvist (1) Wrist Shot - Assists: S. Weber (1) & S. Kostitsyn (2)

D. Jordin Tootoo capitalizes on a second chance.

Holy crap. Did anybody ever think that teams would have to account for Tootoo's offensive ability? Pete Weber says it all in his call of the goal. There's a lot of happy in that goal.

Jordin Tootoo (1) Wrist Shot - Assists: J. Smithson (1)

E. Mike Fisher finds an open net.

It's a shame that Horndog didn't get an assist for this goal, because he took Perry out of the play and then made an awesome play with his stick to allow Kostitsyn to set up Fisher. Oh, and what an awesome pass by SK74.

Mike Fisher (3) Wrist Shot - Assists: S. Kostitsyn (3) & R. Suter (3)

F. Matt Halischuk starts and finishes.

This goal was all about patience. Hustlechuk had to wait for an open Kevin Klein to enter the zone, and Klein was patient enough to not squander a scoring chance with a ton of guys blocking his shot.

Matt Halischuk (1) Wrist Shot - Assists: K. Klein (2) & J. Blum (2)

G. Shea Weber says, "History will be made."


Who says faceoffs aren't important? Yeah, I can't think of anyone either, but the point still stands!

Shea Weber (3) Slap Shot - Assists: C. Franson (4) & M. Fisher (3)

H. Jerred Smithson blacks out.

Yep. Still can't find the words to describe this.

Jerred Smithson (1) Wrist Shot - Assists: J. Tootoo (2) & N. Spaling (2)

I. Steve Sullivan finishes. Again.(?)

I guess Sully learned how to finish a breakaway while he was injured. Maybe he just needed some rest. Great setup by the suit, by the way.

Steve Sullivan (2) Backhand - Assists: J. Dumont (1) & B. Geoffrion (2)

J. David Legwand ends it.

Who else, right?

PPG - EN - David Legwand (2) Wrist Shot - Assists: J. Ward (2)

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