Monday afternoon notes: Take a vacation, hockey writers - please!

Just get the deal done already!

The summer heat is clearly driving some hockey writers out of their gourds. Whether it's a serving of Stale & Fail from ESPN, or Tasteless, Shameless Bile from the Montreal Gazette, I'm left wondering if professional hockey writers should take a tip from Bob McKenzie and try to do something useful around the house for a few weeks.

Just follow after the jump to see why...

Nashville Predators News

Shea Weber of Nashville Predators arbitration hearing scheduled - ESPN
I don't know if Scott Burnside was in a coma for the last couple weeks, but this article has absolutely no new information, and still manages to get plenty wrong along the way. As Paul McCann noted on Twitter (I guess the guys on NHL Home Ice have been reading ESPN), the Preds can't walk away from the arbitrator's decision if Shea Weber's case makes it that far. That is only possible when the player is the one filing for arbitration, not the team.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Monday Headlines, News and Links
Buddy's links include concern on Long Island about the prospects for a new arena, and a few updates from our division rivals in Chicago.

Paul McCann - It's the Economy Stupid!
Paul takes a run at Bruce Dowbiggin's column from the other day decrying the economic model of the modern NHL. I thought it was a pretty lousy effort as well, but didn't bother linking to it.

The Predators Join the NHL’s Million PALA Challenge Drive | The Hockey Writers
The NHL and the Predators are teaming up to help fight childhood obesity; this is something I'll show to my kids tonight and see if they want to sign up for.

Bridgestone Arena Ranks 9th In U.S. Concert Attendance In Pollstar's 2011 Mid-Year Report - Nashville Predators
Sean Henry mentioned this during the Skate of the Union, but it's an impressive bit of news, perhaps the ultimate sign of how things have changed since local ownership and new executive leadership have taken the reins.

Summertime blues - Predators Insider
Josh Cooper is back on the beat...

Around the NHL

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum - Hockey Wilderness
It's hard to tell if Montreal columnist Pat Hickey is being a professional jackass, or whether it's just in his nature. Unbelievable stuff here.

Cullen: The best and worst even-strength goal-scorers - TSN
The best Nashville can manage is Kaptain Fluke at #47.

Gallery: Boston Bruins Bear Photoshop Contest Roars Ahead - Puck Daddy
It's good to see another Puck Daddy Photoshop contest bring office productivity to its knees.

2011 Offseason: Will There Actually Be a Arbitration Hearing Between Zach Parise and the New Jersey Devils? - In Lou We Trust
The answer? Probably not, and the same goes for Shea Weber. Good find by DonBorvio here, as this breaks down how the arbitration class played out last summer.

Arbitration season set to begin for NHL - The Globe and Mail
6 of the 20 players headed to arbitration have already signed new contracts, and I expect we'll see a few more do so this week before hearings begin on Wednesday.

Who follows NHL clubs on Twitter? - Coyle Media
People love infographics, so here's one describing how Twitter users interact with NHL teams and each other.

The Fourth Period - Game Day
17-hour workdays are just part of what make equipment managers some of the hardest working guys in the hockey business.

Japanese player battles nerves, language barrier in NHL camp - Puck Daddy
Now this is cool, using a team's development camp to perform a little international outreach.

Introducing: Better Know a Bias - Pension Plan Puppets
One of my favorite examples here is the oft-cited notion that Cody Franson was far better at getting shots on net from the point than Shea Weber. The difference there was negligible, actually.

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