Monday's notes: It's not far off now

We're about halfway through, folks, this dreary month-long hockey wasteland called August. At least we had replays of the Ducks/Predators series to tide us over last week, and at least now, we know that training camp is only about a month away.

Hang in there, and cling to your morning hockey news!

The Art of Scouting, a Hockey Gear HQ book review | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
Scouting is the NHL's great dark art, a behind-the-scenes endeavor that acts as the lifeline for each team's hockey operations department, and this book offers a peek at how it works.

Nashville Predators News

Hockey Night in Nashville: Klein could determine Preds' success
Given all the kids who are likely to play on the blueline this season, Klein will need to provide some steady leadership back there.

Smashville 24/7: Getting to know Blogger's Row: Robby Stanley
And now you get a chance to meet the newest member of Blogger's Row...

Around the NHL

The human toll of fighting in the NHL - Silver Seven
Given what has been learned in recent years about the effects of repeated trauma to the head, should fighting be banned in the NHL?

The Malik Report : Red Wings overnight report: regional economic issues mean JLA’s successor will be difficult to build
They've been talking about a new hockey arena in Detroit for a long while now, but getting it done is a complicated matter.

The Dark Blue Jacket: CannonFest 2011: Coming of age
It sounds like the Blue Jackets held something similar to the Skate of the Union, but in a sports bar. Sounds pretty cool...

Bruins’ Milan Lucic keeps his B.C. day with Stanley Cup private - The Globe and Mail
Jonathon Blum was among the crew who hung out with Milan Lucic during his day with the Cup yesterday (and no, he didn't touch it).

Kulemin: So Hot Right Now - Pension Plan Puppets
I know I had another article on Kulemin yesterday, but this breaks down the challenges of putting together a 30-goal season quite well.

Sidney Crosby missing start of season? Contact is the key - Puck Daddy
It sounds like Penguins coach Dan Bylsma will address the media later today.

Can reality TV solve Gary Bettman’s Phoenix farce? - The Globe and Mail

An exercise in pure jackassery by David Shoalts here. There's a bit of news in the very first sentence here, but the rest is Shoalts drawing out a pretty lame joke.

Around the (Hockey) World in 80 seconds | hockeygalmilwaukee

A smattering of unusual logos from European hockey.

Sleek's Movie Endorsement -- Score: A Hockey Musical - Battle of California
Do you need to catch a hockey movie to tide you over? Earl's got you covered...

Mike Comrie, Mr. Mom? Hilary Duff is pregnant - Puck Daddy
Insert your own hockey-related sexual innuendo here.

Puck Treasures: Rock out with this hockey stick guitar - Puck Daddy
This should certainly make an appearance in Music City.

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