Monday afternoon notes: Dave Scatchard retires due to concussions

It looks like the hockey world decided to hit this week running - for this afternoon's notes, we've got more previews for the upcoming season, a former Predator hangs up his skates while another takes up ice dancing, a major development takes place in the sports blogging world, and we also take a look at some new, blindingly-awful jerseys hitting the NHL this fall...


How to buy youth hockey equipment without breaking your budget | Hockey Gear HQ - news, reviews & deals
Most families can't afford new, top-of-the-line hockey equipment each year for their child. But there are ways to save big on brand-name gear like skates & sticks.


Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7: 2011-12 Preview: David Legwand
Oh, for those heady days of 2007, when Leggy hit the 60-point mark.

Previewing the Predators’ defense for 2011-12, part one… | Section 303
Yeah, that top pair is pretty good.

Re-Imagining the NHL: Nashville Predators - Days of Y'Orr
Here's a shot at re-designing the Preds uni's... thanks to Cornelius for sharing this link in this morning's notes.

The NHL's Mike Fisher Talks Faith, Trials and Missions -
Mike Fisher's never been shy about sharing his religious side.

National Anthem Auditions -
So you think you can sing? Submit a video clip of yourself, and you might just find yourself belting out the Star Spangled Banner at a Preds game.

Around the NHL

Twitter / @DaveScatchard: After a long week of tests ...
Former Nashville Predators Dave Scatchard retires from pro hockey, due to concussions sustained over the course of his 14-year career.

Dear CBC: Please rename skating show as ‘Battle Of The Belak’ - Puck Daddy
Wade Belak will be the star of the show north of the border, no question.

Assembling the best 16-man fantasy roster of all time -
Some of these numbers are absolutely mind-boggling. Defensemen with 138 & 139 point seasons! Those were the days...

Online Outlet Bleacher Report Adds 5 Lead Writers to Solidify Reputation - Biz of Baseball
Bleacher Report hires 5 lead writers to help combat the image that they're just a factory which cranks out bland, SEO-driven material to drive clicks. Notably, none of the new guys write about hockey.

Who's Doing It Right? Bleacher Report Turns Knowing Fans Into Reporters - Forbes
Bleacher Report is turning heads with their new hires, but what remains to be seen is whether the bulk of the stuff that they publish gets raised to a higher standard. 

Pass or Fail: New York Islanders third jersey for 2011-12 - Puck Daddy
*blech* Talk about uninspired...

Renney on advanced stats: "(Scoring) chances are key to me." | Edmonton Journal
Coaches pay attention to advanced stats, and many focus on the tally of scoring chances for and against.

Mark Streit, Andrei Markov's Creation? Sorry, no. - Lighthouse Hockey
Was Mark Streit the beneficiary of playing alongside Andrei Markov? That's what one Montreal analyst alleged, but Dominik tears that notion apart.

Bigger better for NHL rinks - Toronto Sun
I don't think enlarging existing rinks is a feasible idea, but I'd love to see the NHL allow new rinks to go anywhere from the existing standard up to the Olympic one, at their discretion. A little bit of individual character from arena to arena can add flavor to the game.

Shot Target Visualization - Arctic Ice Hockey
Where the shots are being fired, at least in Finnish hockey.

Lowetide: Minor League All Stars
A familiar face tops this list of AHL standouts who could make an impact in the NHL this season.

And lastly... how about a candy bar?

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