Tuesday's notes: Who is to blame for the Vancouver riots?

How many of these people were actually at the game?

When a major sporting event is followed by a riot in the streets of a city, is the league to blame? That question is being raised in Vancouver.

While reading this morning's notes, take a listen to an interview which former NHLer Kelly Chase gave yesterday, dropping a lot of common sense about some of the charges that have been raised over the last week over whether or not the NHL and NHLPA are systematically failing hockey players:

Kerber Chase KMOX 20110905 (mp3)

And now, your news...

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7: 2011-12 Preview: Pekka Rinne
Can the Preds expect a similar season out of Pekka coming up? 

Hockey Night in Nashville: It's almost here!
At long last... it's September!

Predators Possible Breakout Stars - The Checking Line
Greg makes his 3 most likely picks for the Preds who will step up for the team offensively.

Nashville Predators revamp glass, boards - The Tennessean
A few details as to how the new board system will not only help the Preds on the ice, but help the arena conduct business for non-hockey events.

Around the NHL

Vancouver blasts NHL for lacking anti-riot strategy - The Globe and Mail
I'm shocked, shocked I say, to hear that the City of Vancouver is laying blame for the Stanley Cup riots on the NHL. No, I'm sure the city government didn't contribute to this at all...

Why not hold NHL responsible for playoff riots? | mc79hockey.com
Tyler takes up the city's position, but I'm not buying the externality argument. The city actively courted that disaster, by closing off streets and setting up screens so tens of thousands of extra people could come downtown and watch the game.

Be-Labor-ing the point: Sleektooned blog logos, Part 2 - Battle of California
The Edmonton entry here is truly inspired...

Video: Witness Andrew Ference’s Stanley Cup flash mob - Puck Daddy
I must be a cranky old fart... I just don't get it.

Breaking down the top 50 fantasy players - NHL.com
More basic stuff for you to chew on while fantasy hockey season approaches...

Flyers GM Holmgren injured in bike accident - CSN Philly
Paul Holmgren took a pretty nasty tumble, breaking some ribs, a shoulder, and requiring stitches for other scrapes.

The Longest Game for Cystic Fibrosis is in the books - Puck Daddy
Nice, these ladies raised over $125,000 for a good cause.

Top 10 European prospects for the 2011-12 NHL season | Hockey Independent
What, no Roman Josi?

Video: Revealing, ahem, look inside KHL cheerleader dressing room - Puck Daddy
In case you were wondering why Alexander Radulov still hasn't come back.

Do hockey’s tough guys need their own representative body? - Puck Daddy
Pushing the amount of nonsense written about fighting in hockey to bold new heights. Seriously, people, get a grip.

Brophy on NHL: Let the chase begin - sportsnet.ca

What are the chances that Canada can reclaim the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1993?

Jesse Boulerice’s wife announces his retirement on Facebook - Puck Daddy

You have to think things like this will become more common in the years ahead.

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