Thursday's Dump & Chase: Happy Non-Opening Night, NHL

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Tonight, the puck was supposed to drop on the 2012-2013 NHL Regular Season. Instead, the players and owners are locked in a bitter struggle over how they will divide the ever-growing revenues which fans and corporate sponsors pump into the league.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators stay visible despite no action on ice | The Tennessean
We know about how team staffers have been keeping up the charitable work and holding "Preds Pride Days", but the players have been working with youth hockey players, too.

Marek Vs. Wyshynski Radio: KHL on ESPN2; Paul McCann on arena announcers, Budd Lynch | Puck Daddy
Lots of Nashville talk in this one, and some audio from Budd Lynch that will stir memories for any of you fellow ex-Detroiters.

Paul McCann - All-Time Preds Roster Revealed, plus some Random Notes
The fans have voted, and Paul rolls out the roster...

Skate Men Out: How the 1919 Black Sox Scandal Made Gary Bettman |
Patten draws a line from Kenesaw Mountain Landis to the current NHL commish.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL lockout 2012: League, union meet to discuss how to take more of your money -
Dominik shares some straight talk on what this all means.

How to protest NHL lockout on what would have been your Opening Night | Puck Daddy
Greg walks through a number of options, I know the Occupy the Bridge protest planned for Saturday night has drawn a wide variety of reactions.

This is how we get closer to a deal - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
I'm with Pierre here - if the players are to give up the cash, the owners need to give them something in return, such as a quicker route to unrestricted free agency.

The players hate for Gary Bettman is seriously hampering odds of a CBA deal being reached | Backhand Shelf
Not that you had any doubt, but the players really, really don't like the guy.

Kypreos on CBA: Partnership in peril -
And here, Nick Kypreos explains why the players can't stand Bettman.

A guide to the NHL and the six people you meet in lockout hell - Grantland
Katie Baker walks the general sports fan through the nastiness we've been living through.

Are you a sports addict? : Outkick The Coverage
Here's a quiz to while away your time...

Nazem Kadri’s Facebook Timeline | Toronto Maple Leafs
Pure awesome sauce...

And lastly, we'll leave you with what is undoubtedly the high point in Columbus Blue Jackets history:

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