Saturday's Dump & Chase: ESPN2 to Broadcast Alex Ovechkin KHL Game

Richard Wolowicz - Getty Images

After some initial confusion about their broadcast schedule, the KHL has secured a spot with sports giant ESPN, including a game next week featuring Alex Ovechkin on ESPN2, with Barry Melrose and Steve Levy providing the call...

Nashville Predators News

Predators fans react to Preds Pride Day with mixed emotions after NHL cancels games - Nashville Business Journal
Continuing with Preds Pride Day during the lockout certainly isn't going to smooth things over completely, but at least the Preds are doing something. Following a discussion with my fellow SB Nation hockey bloggers, I'd say the Preds are doing a lot more than most teams in the league in terms of fan outreach these days.

NewsChannel5 also had this report on how the Lockout is flying under the radar in general sports coverage here: | Nashville News, Weather

And then there's this... seriously, stay for the end, it's a doozy:

I'm looking forward to a future episode in which Stu goes to town on a malfunctioning printer (or fax machine?)...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Alex Ovechkin will play KHL hockey on ESPN2, with Barry Melrose on the mic | Puck Daddy
The plans have changed for ESPN's KHL coverage, which now includes a debut next week on ESPN2.

Gary Bettman, Bill Daly hold secret meeting with NHLPA brass -
This may be the first bit of encouraging news we've had in a while - the two sides met, unannounced, to see if progress could be made.

Blogs With Balls preview: Where the bloggers have won
Man, I wish I was in Toronto hanging out with the cool kids.

Get to know… Elitserien and Allsvenskan (Sweden) | Hockey Gal Milwaukee

Marx Spector |
When someone touts the notion that the league can't play while they negotiate a new CBA because the players might go on strike right before the playoffs, they're out of touch with the modern reality of the game.

NHL lockout: Twitter-savvy Allan Walsh agent of change for players: Feschuk -
If you're on Twitter at all, I'm sure you've seen the hyper-vigilant Walsh advocating for both his clients, and players in general this summer.

Junior hockey player puts opponent through the glass, then scores natural hat trick (VIDEO) - Buzzing The Net
Well, that's a full night's work right there.

White Cover Magazine: The MLB Wild Card vs. The NHL Shootout
An interesting question - is MLB's Wild Card 1-game knockout the absurd endgame for the mentality which brought us NHL shootouts?

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