Saturday's Dump & Chase: Admirals Bombard Chicago

Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Admirals

Our morning notes include a bushel full of goals by the Milwaukee Admirals last night, and multiple updates from across the water. While the NHL and its players continue to waste time squabbling over the money in your pocket, Russia's KHL is doing their best to establish itself as a global leader for the game...

Nashville Predators News

Milwaukee offense shells Lack, Climie in 7-4 win | Admirals Roundtable
The Admirals loaded up the highlight reel last night, so here we go:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Fetisov's global plan for KHL could shake up NHL - Toronto Sun
Slava Fetisov has pretty grand ambitions. The only NHL jersey I own with a player's name & number bears his #2 from his days in Detroit.

Even with locked-out NHL stars, KHL still a mess - The Globe and Mail
Then again, the KHL has much work to do before trying to take over the world.

Kontinental Hockey League - Official Website - YouTube as Litmus Test
Hey, but at least the KHL is big on YouTube.

Gloves are off in NHL labour talks | Hockey | CBC Sports
There was a whole lot of petty nonsense thrown around last evening, with "sources" alleging that Donald Fehr isn't openly communicating with the players (which is hard to believe, since players are in the negotiations with him). Either way, yesterday wasn't a good one for the talks, and it appears there will be more posturing and delay in the hope that time causes one side or the other to crack.

Putting error bars on NHL equivalencies |
What we really need is a Wave Equation for hockey players...

Gone But Not Forgotten: NHL's Atlanta Flames - Litter Box Cats
The very first NHL game I saw live featured the Atlanta Flames & Detroit Red Wings, so here's a retrospective.

How Backhand Shelf’s editor would coach a pro hockey team | Backhand Shelf
I would just bark like Peter Horachek - "no more fancy dancin', shoot the puck!"

NHL figures and their Pokemon counterparts | Backhand Shelf
I'm guessing maybe my kids can explain this one to me.

Nate Silver's broken the TV ceiling for statistics people in politics, but will sports networks follow suit? - Awful Announcing
I'm going to guess "no". I know I, and a few other folks, dig the insight which advanced stats offer into sports, but most folks couldn't care less.

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