Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Boomer's Close Call


Thanksgiving comes up in just 9 days, and one former Nashville Predator has a lot to be thankful for these days, starting with a titanium disk recently placed into his skull...

Nashville Predators News

Blake Geoffrion's father: 'We're lucky that he's alive' | The Tennessean
Danny Geoffrion provides some amazing details on Boomer's injury & recovery.

Our pal Amy's family needs your help. | Woody & Jim - 107.5 The River
Please take a look at this personal view of the struggle people are facing recovering from Hurricane Sandy, and how the hometown of one local radio personality (as well as Nashville Predators prospect Anthony Bitteto) needs your help.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Preds hosting pizza party Tuesday night in Franklin
The Preds are leaking out word of pizza & surprises at A-Game tonight through a few of the local blogs.

Day in the Life of an Admiral: Jon Blum - JSOnline
Wheee... Hurricane ride!

SMASHVILLE HIT - Nashville Predators
The Preds take the intermission band stage to the next logical step, with a singing competition that anyone can enter, and an artist development deal going to the ultimate victor. You know, when we actually have games again.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Hall of Fame quartet represent the tail end of an era - The Globe and Mail
Big names like Sakic, Bure, Sundin & Oates are few and far between these days.

Gary Bettman's speech at the Hockey Hall of Fame was ... awkward - SBNation.com
Yup, he actually went ahead and spoke last night.

How great a set-up man was Adam Oates? WOWY numbers of gunners Hull, Neely, Bondra make a Hall of Fame case | Edmonton Journal
A good case for just how much Oates meant to some big-time snipers.

Lockout Lit presents: an excerpt from H.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Two Fehrs' - Lighthouse Hockey
Ah, nothing like a little riff on Grishnákh and Uglúk to put things in perspective...

Grange on CBA: Peculiar negotiation tactics - sportsnet.ca
This, to me, is the most maddening part of the impasse right now - if the owners get a relatively quick move to 50/50, it strikes me as purely vindictive for them to also demand a longer path to free agency and arbitration rights.

Spector on NHL lockout: Don't get greedy, Gary - sportsnet.ca
Three league executives contacted Monday all gave the same general answer when we asked why Gary Bettman should care how the players' money gets split up, as long as he gets them to 50-50 with the players. To a man, the three voices echoed the same sentiment (and we paraphrase): "Get rid of the back-diving contracts, because those work against the spirit of the cap. After that, player contracting rights matter very little to me."

Sabres' employees head to class during lockout - Buffalo - Business First
Well, it sounds like the Buffalo organization has found an interesting way to keep the office folks busy.

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