Thursday's Dump & Chase: Kevin Klein Heading to Denmark


With no resolution to NHL Lockout 2012 in sight, our morning hockey notes begin with word that defenseman Kevin Klein is taking his talents to the land of windmills and funky furniture.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Kevin Klein signs with Danish team | The Tennessean
Just don't eat too many Danishes while over there, Kleiner.

2012 NATD Honors | View photo - Yahoo!
Again, can someone explain this picture to me? Why was Mike Fisher honored by the Nashville Association of Talent Directors?

Blake Geoffrion injury: Medical expert explains scary skull fracture -
Our resident medical guru walks through the nuts, bolts, and titanium plates of Boomer's skull fracture.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Let's start off with the cheery stuff first:

Former players questioning NHLPA’s direction: Cox -
Some want former players to quiet down, but there is a valid question of what the NHLPA's gameplan is for a protracted shutdown.

Renowned mediator wants crack at talks - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Nice idea, but fat chance of that happening.

2012 NHL Lockout: How The Lockout & Twitter Ruined My Life - Defending Big D
Brandon does a nice job capturing the bloggers' state of mind these days, which ain't good.

NHL Lockout: Three Reasons Why The NHLPA Should Jump At Two-Year Entry Level Deals | Edmonton Journal
Interesting points, but Jonathan's head is in the clouds here. Current members of the NHLPA won't be affected by an change in entry-level contracts, so I doubt it's a huge deal to them.

Brian Burke has some thoughts on sports management | Backhand Shelf
Where there's an open microphone, Burke can be found. Hey, he's always entertaining.

The First Draft of Gary Bettman's Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Speech - Grantland
Yup, DGB nails it again.

Reference library: Variance and regression |
The first entry under "Team Performance" will bear watching here in Nashville, if the NHL ever decides to play again. The Preds ranked #1 in PP performance thanks to an outlandish shooting percentage...

Track the Ducks and other NHL Players During the Lockout With Our Interactive Map - Anaheim Calling
Whoa, this is cool.

Screengrab Snafu: Fun with the David Petraeus scandal - Awful Announcing
When a blogger grabs a photo off of Google Images in violation of copyright, the damage is relatively minor. But when someone in the local TV newsroom does the same thing, the consequences of a misstep can be much, much more visible.

And to hold you over a little bit, you can at least catch some Predators action in the latest KHL highlights:

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