Black Friday's Dump & Chase: Dark Times for the NHL, Indeed

Frederick Breedon

While the NHL and its players continue to frustrate fans with this protracted lockout, remember that there is much to be thankful for outside of the game. I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving (I know I did, sorry for the lack of activity here at OTF!), and let's just hope that both sides figure out a path to labor peace soon.

Our morning hockey notes do at least include word that one veteran Predator is staying put...

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators decline to participate in labor talks - The Tennessean
The news here? Martin Erat's staying in Nashville rather than head overseas.

20 Questions with Mike Moore - JSOnline
Here's your chance to get to know the Admirals' captain a little better.

Geoffrion Releases Statement - Eyes On The Prize
Boomer has much to be thankful for, that's for sure.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

2012 Top Seven Gifts for the Hockey Lover in Your Life | Hockey Gal Milwaukee
Oh yeah, I'll take #7!

The Hockey Players' Guide to Black Friday 2012 - Hockey Gear HQ
Avoid the Black Friday 2012 madness at retail stores, and do your shopping online - there are some incredible deals on all kinds of hockey equipment!

NHL lockout: Owners shouldn’t underestimate the Fehr factor - The Washington Post
Some insight from a baseball scribe on how Don Fehr leads a union into battle.

Kypreos on NHLPA: Is decertification next? -
The players have their ace in the hole, and that's to threaten to throw the entire situation into a sea of chaos by ditching their union, something discussed here a couple months ago.

Larry Brooks: NHL dismissal of players’ compromise offer unites players behind distaste for commissioner Gary Bettman’s insinuation players are unwilling to bargain seriously -
The players are considering decertification in part because of the league's out-of-hand rejection of their proposals.

McKenzie: Three CBA-related issues to be talked about soon - TSN
Bob McKenzie talks through some of the mechanics of decertification.

Players' Association Nov. 21 proposal to the owners - Lightning Strikes | Tampa Bay Times
Here's a detailed review of what the NHLPA put on the table earlier this week.

Hamrlik: "We Have to Push Fehr to the Wall to Get the Deal" - Japers' Rink
For all the players sounding off on Twitter over the last few months, it's interesting to hear a dissenting voice.

Hockey at the Movies: The Ultimate Fictional Hockey Team : The Hockey Writers
Since this is the only kind of hockey many of us are likely to see these days...

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