Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Patric Hornqvist to Play for Sweden

Martin Rose

The European leagues are taking a two-week break as the 2012 Karjala Cup opens, and while one Nashville Predator prepares to suit up for the Tre Kronor, many other players are coming back over to North America as the NHL CBA negotiations pick up again with meetings today.

Nashville Predators News

Patric Hörnqvist pay for games in the Three Crowns - Ice hockey - Eurosport
You've got to love Google Translate. It looks like Patric Hornqvist will play for Sweden in the Karjala Cup tournament, and may play on a line with "Gabriel Land Forest".

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL Sponsors Begin to Move Advertising Away From League Due to Lockout | Hockey Gear HQ
Some big names are sitting tight, but one major hockey equipment company is moving away from the NHL these days.

Dan Patrick Show debuts on NBC Sports Network, which moves DirecTV channels - Awful Announcing
7 years ago we wondered whether the NHL's broadcast partner could develop into a real ESPN rival, and finally, it's possible to see that it might happen.

Spec on Lockout: Uncovering the hawks & doves - sportsnet.ca
Here's another look at which owners are banging the drums behind Bettman.

Shannon on NHL: Fairness will solve CBA - sportsnet.ca
"Fairness"? Did Shannon just wake up from a kindergarten nap or something?

But NHL fans don’t want to hear it - The Globe and Mail
Ken Dryden appeals for common sense.

The NHL lockout, the Manchester Monarchs, and AHL hockey - Grantland
The AHL is getting a little extra attention these days.

What's Missing | The Classical
Mmm... I dunno. Interesting read, though, on what the absence of hockey tells us these days.

Things Owners Believe | The Committed Indian
Look at Sam, bringing the funny (no, not that one).

Kontinental Hockey League - Official Website - Bigger, smaller or just different?
I'm picturing Steve Dangle typing out the last sentence here while a pair of KGB agents stand behind him.

Wings, and Synthetic Bodies, and New Skates | Backhand Shelf
Breaking in a new pair of skates can be like breaking in a new pair of feet. Last year, I lucked out with some new wheels which felt like magic right from the start.

The right and wrong of "My son’s not playing hockey because hockey breeds jerks" | Backhand Shelf
Justin ponders the road of the hockey dad.

Review: zone start adjustments to shot differential | NHLNumbers.com
Eric's doing some deep thinking on how best to reflect the impact of zone starts on Corsi.

Happy Birthday Athletics Nation, SB Nation and Vox Media! - Athletics Nation
It was 9 years ago today when the curtain lifted on an Oakland Athletics blog...

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