Saturday's Dump & Chase: Just Call Me When the Deal's Done

Bruce Bennett

Foolish me, getting optimistic about Wednesday's progress in the CBA talks, only to have the rug pulled out in Thursday's farce. You'll have to pardon me for just sticking the SB Nation coverage at the top of the site here yesterday, as I had no stomach to post an update.

I do want to thank ILovethe#6CannonFire and mmarti68 for sharing some well-written FanPosts, however, summing up their feelings on this ridiculous situation. What I love about this platform is the ability for all of you to participate in the conversation here, this isn't just my soapbox. So thanks for chipping!

Nashville Predators News

Beyond the Bradley Center: Admirals Right the Ship as the Holiday Home Stretch Approaches | Admirals Roundtable
After a choppy start, have the Milwaukee Admirals found their sea legs? Jason tabs Austin Watson as the man of the moment, with 11 points last month.

Portland's Brendan 'The Pit Bull' Leipsic conjures memories of Marty Standish with his play |
The Preds' 3rd-round pick from last summer seems to have a pretty cool nickname...

Loser-buys-lunch helps Preds focus at practice | The Tennessean
The guys who are in town are trying to keep busy.

Wilson: ‘Guys are definitely getting antsy’ - Predators Insider
Meanwhile, Colin Wilson is training in Minnesota.We

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

What next in NHL CBA talks after breakdown | Red Light -
Stu Hackel projects where things might head from here.

Shannon on lockout: NHL franchises in trouble -
I think John Shannon is missing the point that the players, all along, have wanted to see the bulk of the money they're giving up go towards revenue sharing. The reason many clubs are supposedly losing money is an intra-ownership issue, not so much a players vs. owners one.

Ron Hainsey: The NHLPA's 'bad cop?' | Hockey | CBC Sports
The Columbus defenseman has been thrown into the spotlight during these negotiations.

How Zach Parise Signing for 13 Years Is Good for Kyle Brodziak |
Tyler considers the implications of a 5-year limit on contract term, with little room to vary the salary from year to year.

Brunt on Lockout: 30 minutes of madness -
Has Bettman met his match in Don Fehr? At the very least, the NHLPA has far more capable and experienced leadership than they've ever had before.

Duhatschek: Latest breakdown reminiscent of 2004 - The Globe and Mail
I dig Eric Duhatschek, but I hope he's wrong with this: "The chances of salvaging any portion of the 2012-13 NHL season went from slim to virtually zero Thursday, a roller-coaster moment in the negotiations that closely resembled an almost-identical day eight years ago."

Doug MacLean, Nick Kypreos get into shouting match on radio -
Oh, snap!

The Players and Owners CBA Negotiations -- Advanced Stats - Battle of California
*sigh* and nary a Nashville Predator to be found...

'Bad' Santa insults three-year-old, loses job - Toronto Sun
Maybe Santa was just trying to save the kid from the lifetime of disappoint that goes with being a Maple Leafs fan?

Meet The Digital Upstart That Thinks Millions Of Rowdy Fans Are The Future Of The Web - Forbes
A nifty article here on SB Nation and how it has grown into Vox Media, branching out into technology & gaming.

2 Great Christmas Sales on Hockey Equipment - Hockey Gear HQ
So, you're hoping to get some new hockey equipment during the holidays, but want to save cash? These two coupon codes will help both skaters & goalies...

Once again, let's turn over the NHL Lockout analysis to the Taiwanese animators:

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