2013-14 Projected STH Prices

Based on a recent mailing from the Nashville Predators, here's the breakdown on projected 2013-14 STH prices versus the "2/20 Option" for the 2011-12 & 2012-13 seasons. I am assuming the "2011-13 2/20" prices effectively "locked" the 2011-12 price for two years, so the Increase shown would reflect the percentage increase over two seasons. That's also how my ticket rep explained it to me -- it reflects a price change over two years, not one.

Largest increases are in bold. Smallest increases are in italics. All prices shown are per-ticket:

Location 2011-13 "2/20" Proj. 2013-14 % Incr.
Lexus Inner Circle - Glass 200.00 236.00 18.0%
Lexus Inner Circle - 2nd Row 145.00 168.00 15.9%
LL - All-Inclusive Zone 118.00 131.00 11.0%
LL - Shoot Twice 85.00 95.00 11.8%
LL - Premium Lower Bowl 76.00 95.00 25.0%
LL - Lower Bowl 67.00 84.00 25.4%
LL - Lower Bowl Endzone 53.00 68.00 28.3%
Club - Sideline 67.00 79.00 17.9%
Club - Shoot Once 49.00 62.00 26.5%
All U Can Eat - Lower Mezz 45.00 48.00 6.7%
All U Can Eat - LM - Family 50.00 53.00 6.0%
All U Can Eat - LM - Adult 65.00 68.00 4.6%
All U Can Eat - Mezz 35.00 48.00 37.1%
All U Can Eat - MZ - Family 40.00 53.00 32.5%
All U Can Eat - MZ - Adult 55.00 68.00 23.6%
Upper Lvl - Lower sideline Bal 35.00 51.00 45.7%
Upper Lvl - Sideline Balcony 28.00 37.00 32.1%
Upper Lvl - Goal Zone 20.00 29.00 45.0%
Upper Lvl - Upper Goal Zone 19.00 25.00 31.6%

A casual glance says that the poor get poorer (the Upper Level -- where my seats are -- some of the best and loudest fans) and that the fat get fatter, if you're Lower Mezzanine All You Can Eat, anyway. Nothing against the nice Club Level folks, but having bought seats there from time to time, those fans as a lot seem more prone to "golf clap" or be busy with Facebooking during the regular season. Above all, I hope the trend doesn't continue at the same pace; do the math yourself.

Granted: (1) None of this takes into account prices versus other teams/venues -- which have been very fair, historically; (2) I do not know the number of seats per "Location"; and (3) the Predators are offering a one-year "extension" of 2/20 pricing to existing 2/20 participants that results, in most cases, of a per ticket price between the two (in case of the AYCA LM seats, actually lower than 2011-12 price).

Cellblock 303, are you okay with a group of four season seats going from $3,280 to $4,756 over two years?

Anyone else have any comments on the trends/direction that the pricing shows? Should All You Can Eat Lower Mezzanine be cheaper than Upper Level - Lower Side Balcony?

Anyone wish there was a "Wait Until We See What Happens to the 2011-12 Roster" payment option?

Just curious what fellow fans' thoughts are.

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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