Radulov may re-sign?

So about a week ago, I was casually scrolling through OTF like a normal day. The most recent article was about our beloved Jordin Tootoo (lolz) turning down a three year contract which was posted by the one and only Dirk Hoag. Inside this post was more that was learned from a Pete Weber and Brent Peterson Q&A session which covered on topics such as Erik Karlsson winning the Norris, Ryan Suter mean muggin' like a straight OG, Paul Gaustad wanting to get paid and Anders Linback earning a starting gig in Tampa. No big deal.

As a follow up, username JAB0217, who also attending the Q&A, just tossed in some other things that were discussed by Brent Peterson. Just in case someone cared. Just in case it mattered to anyone at all.

By the way, if this has no truth to it.. if Peterson really didn't touch on this, somebody please say so. But I'm going to continue as if he did.

3) Rads has not signed a KHL contract as of last night and Peterson would “love” to have him back. There are things he needs to work on but he could contribute big things to the team. Im paraphrasing here but Peterson said something like “he’s a great guy and his personality brings a spark to the team”. It does sound like the only thing they couldn’t agree on is the contract length. So, maybe that door isn’t completely closed after all.

4) Trotz can work with anybody, even quirky problem types. I think this was a follow up to the AK/Rad discussion.

- JAB0217

... Um, he said what?

I have a few problems with this entire situation. Let's begin, shall we?

A.) HOW IS THIS NOT NEWS?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Okay, I get it.. we're a bitter little fan base. He did us wrong long ago and then partied on the wrong night. But maybe we all seem to have forgotten how talented Alexander Radulov is. Link me. *Ahem* One Hundred and Fifty Two Friggin' Points in Sixty Two Quebec Men's Junior Hockey League Games. I'm no hockey scout... but for the love of everything that is holy. QMJHL might not be the creme of the crop in the CHL but I guess it's safe to say we got a steal at 15th overall. He followed that up by putting up 95 points in two years in the NHL (the big stage) as just a teenager. He bolted as you all know and followed that up with two MVPs in a league that's not too shabby, as much as we hate it. Given a full camp and season in the NHL, I'd pencil him in the top 10 in goals scored by year number two. And that's not a stretch.

Random Dangle.

B.) FORGIVE HIM... Please? Alex is not this monster that the majority of Nashville has made him out to be. There is a reason David Poile kept contact with him for four years after he bailed.. there is a reason we welcomed him back with open arms.. and now there is a reason Predators management would entertain the idea of signing him long term. He is not a monster, he is not a bad guy, and he is not detrimental to the locker room.

C.) If Ryan Suter bails.. we COULD turn out to be a better team in 2012-13 because of it. How is this so? I really don't see us signing Radulov unless this happens ('this' being Suter leaving, and I'm sorry but that is probable). And even if you're not a believer, Radulov is still the most prolific scorer we've had our hands on since Paul Kariya. He's the answer to our offensive woes. But that void on D? Guys, it's already filled. We have two top 50 prospects who are defenseman (Blum/Ellis).. and they're both NHL ready. And another that absolutely should be top 50 (Josi). Hal Gill is an absolute monster that is more than capable of filling any void left by any defenseman in the league (at least in the short term) and Klein is.... Klein. I didn't understand the panic last summer, and I don't understand the panic this summer. If Shea Weber leaves, I'll be there to panic with you guys. But not this year.

Moral of the story: I shouldn't be the only one giddy about the possibility of Radulov playing in Nashville long term. I shouldn't be the only one using Google Translate five times a day to read russian articles about their homeboy's contract status. And by the way, re-signing Rads would completely wreck their world. They have no idea that it would be coming.. he's practically penciled in to CSKA's lineup next year. Don't believe me? Google 'Александр Радулов' and start translating. The irony of him screwing the KHL and their most richest team over after they spent 50+ million dollars for his rights is just too much. So much that I'm going to stop typing now. Thanks for reading.

And thanks to JAB0217 for influencing this post. You better not be a fibber :)

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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