Is the Central Division due for a downturn? - Tuesday's notes

Ian White and Nicklas Kronwall don't exactly stack up to these two.

While we've been focused on how the Nashville Predators will set up for next season, it's easy to forget just how much change is taking place throughout the Central Division, which has been among the NHL's most competitive for several years now. Detroit has lost three of their top four defensemen over the last 12 months, Columbus is still trying to figure out what to do about Rick Nash, and Chicago faces issues up and down the roster, with Patrick Kane's name often coming up as a trade chit they could use to patch holes elsewhere.

St. Louis appears to be positioned well, building off a very successful 2011-2012 campaign, but outside of that, is it possible that even if the Preds take half a step back next season, three of their rivals could fare worse?

Ponder that question while skipping through your morning hockey notes...

Nashville Predators News

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While we've been sweltering in the summer heat, AJ's been simmering over the main themes surrounding the Preds, and we all know that some of the tastiest meals are the slow-cooking kind.

Nashville throws their name in the Shane Doan Sweepstakes hat… | The Predatorial
The Predators have apparently expressed interest in the Coyotes captain... along with just about every other team in the league. Good job by Kris to reach out to Doan's agent, however.

Smashville 24/7 - Promising draft class could keep on giving
Who will be the next member of the 2009 class to crack the NHL?

Youth Marketing and Fan Development Intern - Fall - Nashville Predators
If you're looking for a marketing internships, the Preds have an opening this fall. Just follow the link above for all the details on how to apply.

No turning back this time for Predators' defense prospect | Nashville City Paper
Mattias Ekholm has a tremendous opportunity open to him over the next few seasons... can he take advantage?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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What's better? To have a traditional "good locker room guy" with middling talent, or a unique talent who's a bit of a flake?

2012 Free Agency: New York Rangers Add Jeff Halpern On One-Year Deal - Blueshirt Banter
An under-the-radar pickup here for the Rangers that could pay off handsomely.

Larry Robinson definitive: "I do not want to be a head coach, I’m not here to take Todd’s job’ | Working the Corners
So... head coach by the All-Star Break?

Major College Hockey Coming To Chicago - Blackhawk Up
College hockey is on the rise, and a new tournament will put it on center stage in Chicago this February.

Unicycle hockey: feast your eyes on the single-wheeled glory (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Um... OK?

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