Naming the rumor-followers: Monday afternoon notes

Kicking anonymous hockey rumor-mongers in the shins is always fun sport, but what about their stooges, the legions of followers who breathlessly share the latest fanciful missives everywhere they can? Our afternoon hockey notes tackle the question of just what sort of label should be applied to them...

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Belated thoughts on Preds’ 2012-13 schedule
Considering we'll be lucky to see the season open on time, I wouldn't call this belated at all!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Naming the Buffoon: Now Accepting Nominations - Hockey Wilderness
Now here's a fun exercise... my personal favorite name for the hockey rumor followers so far is "Nigerian Royalty".

KuklasKorner : Goal Line Report : An E-mail Interview with Popular NHL Tweeter @NHLGossip
See, this guy I don't have a problem with, because he links to published reports in the media (in the model of Lyle Richardson, aka Spector).

Arbitration explained: because "Arbitration for Dummies" seemed too harsh | Backhand Shelf
An outstanding primer on the arbitration process.

Flyers hire Inside Reporter - Philadelphia Flyers - News
The Flyers become the latest pro sports team to hire a beat writer from a newspaper to become their in-house "insider". But since he's now an employee of the team, you can bet that objectivity will take a hit.

NHLNumbers Podcast: A Look at Free Agency, with James Mirtle |
Listen to smart people talk about hockey.

Long Island's arena reluctance could lead to Brooklyn Islanders - NHL - Sporting News
While this would suck for the die-hards on Long Island, the Islanders absolutely need a new rink.

An NHLPA Strategy : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
Read Tom's second paragraph here. Over. And. Over. Again. All the entry-level contract, salary arbitration, and UFA timeframe stuff is just window dressing compared to the definition of, and sharing of, Hockey Related Revenue.

Caps Re-Sign Mike Green - Japers' Rink
Three years, $18.25 million. Not bad at all.

Canadiens sign Blake Geoffrion to one-year deal - The Globe and Mail
Boomer gets a two-way contract with the Habs.

Mike Modano: I don’t think I will play again, but I wouldn’t mind trying | Dallas Stars Blog
Maybe he can play with Dominik Hasek in a Huff & Puff league.

Ladislav Scurko, 2004 NHL draft pick, convicted of murdering referee, sentenced to 8 years | Puck Daddy
Holy crap!

NHL, hockey seeing success south of the border -
Patrick Hoffman highlights the slow but steady growth of the game down here.

The Goal Counts (May 29, 2002) | Backhand Shelf
Oh, I still remember this goal vividly, it was like seeing Patrick Roy's bubble of invincibility pop in an instant.

Looking at AHL goaltenders vs. NHL players |
Can you predict a goalie's success at the NHL level by looking at how he's performed against shooters who eventually made it to the bigs?

Measuring Puck Possession: The End, Part 1 - Pension Plan Puppets
Good work here addressing the question of just how closely metrics like Corsi & Fenwick describe how much time teams spent in the attacking zone.

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