All quiet on the labor front: Friday's notes

I have a bad feeling that in the event of a lockout, NBC Sports will simply air repeats of Matthew Perry's new show.

We had a genuine exchange of volleys this week in the NHL CBA talks. The NHLPA made their initial proposal (finally, and with celebration by the hockey media) and the owners pretty much blew it off, so now both sides are taking a few days to sort through the issues and plot their next move. Part of the reason Shea Weber won't be at Monday's Town Hall is that Donald Fehr is meeting with several players up in Kelowna, B.C. early next week before negotiations resume a few days later.

Your morning hockey notes include a number of articles looking at what might happen in the event of a lockout, not just with regard to NHL players, but what it might mean for the development of the game at the youth level in the U.S....

Best of Nashville 2012 - The Nashville Scene
This year they have a reader poll for "Best Sports Blog". Can you help us defend our title from 2011? Vote daily!

Nashville Predators News

The Hockey News 2012-13 NHL regular season predictions: No. 8 - The Hockey News

In their day-by-day tease of conference standing predictions, THN has the Preds making the playoffs again.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Potential Lockout Could Halt Record Hockey Growth in U.S. | The United States of Hockey
Interesting numbers on youth hockey levels the last time we had to suffer through a lockout.

Revisiting the 04-05 lockout, when NHLers dominated the world’s hockey leagues | Backhand Shelf
Yeah, back when David Legwand owned the Swiss second division!

Fixing the NHL crisis in five easy steps -
I really like what Michael Grange has written earlier this week, but this? Ugh.

Ghost-tweeting and the NHLPA’s propaganda machine | Backhand Shelf
So... either Jordin Tootoo was possessed by Henrik Lundqvist, or they've both got the same ghost-writer manning their Twitter accounts.

Canes Now - History lesson: owners usually get what they want | blogs
Instructive words here.

NHL-CHL agreement has expired; just don’t jump to conclusions - Buzzing The Net
Some folks got excited about the possibility that young draftees might jump right to the AHL, but don't bet on it.

Wings cancel prospect tournament - Detroit Red Wings was indicated a few days ago, they're doing this due to the labor uncertainty.

Ryan Miller Is The Highest Rated Goalie In NHL 13, But Should He Be? - Die By The Blade

Posnanski: Paterno offered a complex challenge –
Not hockey related, but the story of how the Penn State scandal broke out while sportswriter Joe Posnanski was preparing a biography of Joe Paterno, and how he had to adjust on the fly, is fascinating.

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