Preds Fantasy Hockey League

Most of you already might be in this league, but I have a Fantasy Hockey League that is over 6 Leagues deep. We have over 84 players and are looking to add. I would love for everyone interested (whether you are new to fantasy sports or a seasoned vet) from the OTF website to join. If you are interested in a league that has keepers, promotion/relegation, read more after the jump.

Here is some info on my league:

Anyone on here want to join the large fantasy hockey league that I have setup on ESPN? Currently, I have 6 and 1/4 full leagues with over 84 players. The leagues are arranged based on experience and promotions/relegations from these leagues. They are arranged as follows: experts(1) to legends (2) all-stars(3) to pros(4) to amateurs(5) to rookies(6).

The leagues are complete with 3+1 keepers (3 of any age and 1 U23), a relegation system throughout the 6 Leagues, and is played by a large group of Predators fans (and other fans around the world sprinkled in).

Currently, I am looking for about 2-4 more players to complete various holes left by the top 6 leagues and 10-12 more players to complete a 7th full league. I believe we can do this this year as I have added 1 full league each of the past 4 years and want to do it again.

We have a large group of the regular poster's from HFBoards on down to the boards and I would like OTF posters/readers to also join.

If you guys want to know more, let me know either in the comments section or send me an email at I can give you any info you need; including any questions about how the league is setup, etc. The league is relatively comprehensive with hits, blocked shots, and toi factored in... The leagues are not complex in that all you need to do is show up, draft, set your roster daily (or once a week... however much you want to check it), and then label your keepers at the end of the year. I take care of the rest.

*Note, there is also another league setup and run by OddManRush here at OTF. Here is some info on his league:

Official On The Forecheck League was created using the Yahoo! platform for fantasy hockey. Now in its third year, it features a more basic scoring settings and is currently set for 20 teams - though all this can change based on demand. Donelson Nominals was the champion last season, and there is plenty of room for returning managers or anyone new to fantasy hockey. Give me, Matt, a shout via email ( if you have questions or want to hop into this league.

(You can also join random leagues with people you don't know at both Yahoo! and ESPN, but where's the fun in that?)


This is a question I hear a lot from those who don't participate in fantasy sports. It's not just a waste of time, as many may think. Depending on the players you have drafted, it provides the means for you to actually care about what happens in a Florida-Edmonton game in late November!

Player Familiarity
For me, one of the biggest benefits is that you are exposed to players from all the teams in the league. In order to assemble the best team possible, you need to know about players from everywhere (including the minors) and not just the marquee guys around the NHL. This familiarity with all players brings knowledge about who scores/wins faceoffs/gets power play time -- all things that will enhance your viewing experience when you watch that team play for real.

In short, Fantasy Hockey can be an educational tool for familiarizing yourself with NHL teams and players, which can amplify your enjoyment of watching games, no matter which teams are playing.

Knowledge Of Opponents
If you take care to research players from teams you may not be familiar with, that knowledge will help when it comes time to watch a Predators game. Knowing who tends to draw penalties for the Capitals or who the power play point producers are for Colorado - this will provide info on other aspects of the game to be aware of and anticipate while watching a game.

Fan Camaraderie
And as Preds fans, we can have some fun building a fictitious team while enjoying the season with fellow Predators fans, talking smack about others' teams, and gain bragging rights among other Managers. Fantasy leagues are a good forum to discuss players with others and see their perspectives (not that we don't get plenty of that in the gameday threads...).

So participating in a fantasy hockey league can be a rewarding and, dare I say, educational experience. Like most pursuits, though, you get out of it what you put into it. Fantasy Hockey came into view for me much later than baseball and football did, but I can't imagine a hockey season without it!


Brian Fisher (

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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