Saturday's Dump & Chase: Occupy Bridgestone Arena?

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

After hearing for years about the NHL's growing revenues, fans are growing increasingly angry over what seems to be an unnecessary lockout. What is the best method for you to help get the players and owners back on track, however?

Nashville Predators News

Occupy The Bridge
Fans are organizing a protest at Bridgestone Arena on October 13, which should be Opening Night in Nashville. Is this the way to make your voice heard, or does it instead validate what Gary Bettman has said, that the fans are desperate for hockey and will come back no matter what? In my opinion, fans must speak with their actions and stop spending money with the NHL if they want to get the attention of the NHL & NHLPA.

Preds players chime on on negotiations | Nashville Predators
The guys are obviously hopeful that things get moving.

Getting to know Coach Dean Evason | Admirals Roundtable
Meet the new boss...

A New Hope Rises " CYCWORDS
Tomorrow, the ECHL's Cincinnati Cyclones get their training camp started. It will be interesting to see how many players eventually make it there from Milwaukee, since some guys who would be with the Predators are going to start the season with the Admirals instead, pushing others down the line.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Creative fan protests during the NHL lockout - Puck Drunk Love
Gorilla poop? Really?

Grange on CBA: Lost in the details -
Michael Grange isn't optimistic after a day spent talking about the details around the edges of the CBA. Well, at least that's something.

Get to know… SM-liiga | Hockey Gal Milwaukee
Another public service by Stephanie, this time with a Finnish twist.

Rangers forward Rick Nash Hurt in Switzerland -
Ruh roh...

Paul Maurice embraces the differences of coaching in Russia - The Globe and Mail
All of a sudden, Maurice has Evgeni Malkin on his team. Nice work if you can get it.

New Toronto arena doesn’t need NHL tenant, despite sucking up to NHL owners | Puck Daddy
The owners of the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers stand to gain business if that second arena gets built.

’72 Summit Series still resonates | Red Light
If you have a significant number of Canadians in your Twitter feed, they've been chirps for days about this.

Better Living Through Microstats | Backhand Shelf
Focusing on the fundamentals? Wise. Counting the numbers as you go along while playing a game? Not so much, that can become a distraction.

The 10 things we didn’t know about Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner | Puck Daddy
...and right on all 10 counts.

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