Nashville Predators 2013 Schedule Released!

Frederick Breedon

Now that the NHL Lockout is finally over, teams are releasing the schedule for the 2013 regular season. For the Nashville Predators, that includes a two-week road trip after the first two games take place at Bridgestone Arena...

For the Preds, it all starts January 19 at home against the Blue Jackets, and it ends April 27, that time at Columbus. That's 48 games in 99 days. Are you ready?

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Nashville Predators Schedule 2013

Date Opponent Time Date Opponent Time
19-Jan Columbus 7:00 PM 09-Mar Minnesota 7:00 PM
21-Jan St. Louis 5:00 PM 12-Mar at Dallas 7:30 PM
22-Jan at Minnesota 7:00 PM 14-Mar at Vancouver 9:00 PM
24-Jan at St. Louis 7:00 PM 15-Mar at Calgary 8:00 PM
26-Jan at Anaheim 9:30 PM 17-Mar at Edmonton 7:00 PM
28-Jan at Phoenix 8:00 PM 19-Mar at Columbus 6:00 PM
31-Jan at Los Angeles 9:30 PM 21-Mar Calgary 7:00 PM
02-Feb at San Jose 9:30 PM 23-Mar Columbus 7:00 PM
05-Feb at St. Louis 7:00 PM 25-Mar Edmonton 7:00 PM
07-Feb Los Angeles 7:00 PM 28-Mar Phoenix 7:00 PM
09-Feb at Minnesota 7:00 PM 30-Mar at Colorado 2:00 PM
10-Feb Chicago 7:00 PM 01-Apr at Chicago 7:30 PM
12-Feb San Jose 7:00 PM 02-Apr Colorado 7:00 PM
14-Feb Phoenix 7:00 PM 04-Apr Columbus 7:00 PM
16-Feb Anaheim 7:00 PM 06-Apr Chicago 2:00 PM
18-Feb at Colorado 2:00 PM 07-Apr at Chicago 6:00 PM
19-Feb Detroit 7:00 PM 09-Apr St. Louis 7:00 PM
22-Feb Vancouver 7:00 PM 12-Apr Dallas 7:00 PM
23-Feb at Detroit 6:00 PM 14-Apr Detroit 6:30 PM
25-Feb Dallas 7:00 PM 15-Apr Vancouver 7:00 PM
27-Feb at Anaheim 9:00 PM 19-Apr at Chicago 7:30 PM
02-Mar at San Jose 9:30 PM 23-Apr Calgary 7:00 PM
04-Mar at Los Angeles 9:30 PM 25-Apr at Detroit 6:30 PM
08-Mar Edmonton 7:00 PM 27-Apr at Columbus 6:00 PM

A few of the highlights are as follows:

  • Jordin Tootoo comes to town wearing the red & white of Detroit on Tuesday, February 19
  • Ryan Suter visits with the Minnesota Wild on Saturday, March 9
  • Phoenix returns to Nashville on February 14, will last summer's playoff series add some juice to that matchup?
  • The Preds catch a bit of a break, as they get 5 games against Columbus (yay!) & Chicago, and 4 games against St. Louis & Detroit. Thanks to the 48-game schedule, teams won't play their division rivals an equal number of game.

I count 9 sets of games on back-to-back nights, slightly down from the 11 that were originally planned for the 82-game schedule, but of course cramming 48 games into a condensed schedule leads to a rise in games on back-to-back nights. I'll have a complete Super Schedule (detailing team-by-team travel miles and # of games on back-to-back nights) within a few hours...

Nashville Predators Training Camp Schedule

On Sunday, the plan is for team meetings & testing, so the on-ice work won't begin until Monday. Next week, from Monday-Friday, they'll have daily skates at Centennial Sportsplex (free & open to the public) from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

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