Bizarro 2013 - 14' Storylines

"Who gets to join Grabo and Gabor (vski and ik) on wing since HornQ got hit with a Weber slapshot?"

Wilson, Smith or Fillip Forsberg? Why not Vik Stalberg? Isn’t it awesome to have forward depth?!

"Will Pekka finally get his vezina? He already has 6 shutouts and his hip looks wonderful!"

Yes he will. He has been the best goaltender on the planet since his successful surgery.

"Will Shea Weber finally win a Norris? It seems like he deserves one. What a leader!"

Yes again. The veteran D man we signed gives him a bit of a rest on the PK and since we have excellent forward depth, his assist totals are where they should be. And he already has 12 goals and is +16!

"Mike Fisher for the Selke Trophy!!! Look out Bergeron, Datsyuk and Toews!"

Since we have a first line center, Mike can now become a dominant shut down type player with a good balance of offensive skill, he’s a force on the PK and his PR campaign run by his wife is top notch.

"Seth Jones for the Calder trophy! USA! USA! Can he beat out all the forwards for this honor?"

Since he’s played 19 minutes per night on the 2nd unit he can truly play his game and blossom. Though Fillip Forsberg might just take the award because he was given proper linemates and is our PP dynamo.

"Paul Gaustad is worth his 4M$ contract! This could only happen for a SC contender."

Obviously Nashville is totally primed for a deep playoff run and PG28 will be crucial due to his shutdown abilities, otherwordly faceoff prowess and elite penalty killing. All the other #grit guys are useful now.

"Kirk Muller should be the coach of the year! What a job he has done, despite being a newbie!"

With a team of veterans and everyone occupying their proper roles, Kirk has adopted a "less is more" strategy while embracing #fancy stats, motivating everyone positively and playing a similar style to our future Western conference Finals opponent, the Chicago Blackhawks. His neck is long and majestic.

"Paul Fenton deserves to be in the Executive of the Year discussion for good reason."

Ever since he took over so that Poile could focus all his energy on the US team, Fenton has made all of the right moves, acquired scoring players and signed role players for reasonable term and dollar value. Clearly he learned from all of DP’s mistakes over the years as he was his first mate through the #gritty years.

The sad part? All of these story lines are pretty attainable. Though Datysuk should win the Selke every year until he’s 46. The key here is that we would become a regular hockey market/team/franchise by jettisoning the old expansion franchise mantra of #grit #grind and #gumption. Instead focusing towards #Glory.

Pardon the re posting of a thread post but this is an important statement.

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