Friday's Dump & Chase: How Does It Feel to Be So Wrong?

Bruce Bennett

Some of you, anyway. In our The Week Ahead post, only 8 of you picked the Preds to get 4 points this week. I bet you're feeling really dumb right now, huh? It's ok, H8ters gonna H8te, etc. We get it. Hopefully, you'll be a little more upbeat when we ask you again next week. Stanley Cup Final, here we come! (Editor's Note: Jason picked the Preds to finish with 1 point for the week. So there's that.)

Nashville Predators News

Predators' home edge returns vs. Stars | The Tennessean

I'm gonna go ahead and hold off on the "home ice advantage" stuff until they win a couple more.

Hutton taking advantage of second chance opportunity - The Predatorial

It looks like he'll be the starter…until he isn't. And I'm fine with that.

"Phantom Cam" to make its Predators debut on tonight’s broadcast - Section 303

Super super super super super slow-mo is my favorite.

Thursday Thirteen: Cold Blooded | III Communication

These rankings don't reflect last night's win over stupid Dallas.

Preds vs Stars Post Game With Video: Roman Josi " Penalty Box Radio

You guys should've asked him what it feels like to be Nashville's second or third-most handsome player.

Fans of Nashville's two major pro-sports franchises are calling for blood. One should give it to them. | Nashville Scene

You're half right.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Burke wants the Flames to be — yep, you guessed it — more ‘truculent’ | ProHockeyTalk

20:00+ TOI for Big Ern coming right up!

Which cities work best for NHL expansion? -

"If you pick Vegas, PLEASE don't consider the Maloofs as owners.", says this Sacramento native.

Canadiens’ Emelin ejected after elbow to the head of Steve Downie (Video) | Puck Daddy

Dang, Steve just can't catch a break.

Ilya Kovalchuk: Semyon Varlamov charges are over a green card - Sporting News

Yeah, that and a savage beating. Allegedly.

Canucks sing "I Will Remember You" with Sarah McLachlan | FOX Sports

They must be in first place by 10 points or so, right? Does Torts know they're doing this stuff instead of practicing blocking shots?

Canadian Women's hockey coach resigns weeks before Olympics - The Globe and Mail

Sure, I get it. They weren't winning gold anyway.

The Comprehensive List of San Jose Sharks' Relationship Statuses - Battle of California

They're coming to town on Saturday…not much time to study up.

USA Hockey's under-18 national team will wear 'Star Wars' jerseys -


Waving Player Makes Adorable Young Hockey Fan's Day-Buzzfeed

Awwwwwww. The Wild still suck.

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