Thursday's Dump & Chase: Brought to You By the Letters M, R, and I

Victor Decolongon

So this is it…supposedly, Pekka is having his MRI today to determine if he's healed and can resume hockey activities. Any setback would put any meaningful participation from him this season in jeopardy, as he will likely need several weeks to get fully cleared for game action. Luckily, we've been getting fantastic goaltending the last couple of weeks, but we need Pekka back as soon as possible. We're one "Mazanec slipped on a banana peel, out indefinitely" incident away from getting torched every night.

Nashville Predators News

Josh Cooper's hat trick | The Tennessean

Playoffs? You're talking about the playoffs? You can stop talking about the playoffs.

Moving on from a loss is sometimes easier said than done|

The "good" news is there's no time to dwell on any particular loss…there seems to be a new one right around the corner.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Rangers re-sign Henrik Lundqvist to contract you can probably twist into seeming reasonable or ridiculous | Puck Drunk Love

Will they get burned at the end of this deal? Maybe, but he's their star player, and if they didn't sign him, fans would probably go insane.

The top 10 hockey bloopers of 2013 | Puck Daddy

#3 wasn't a blooper.

Sharks Perfect Homestand Defies Doubters-The Hockey Writers


If Bryzgalov’s injury results in Oilers returning to their early-season form, a major trade is in order | Post-to-Post

They could clearly use more #Grit. And I think I know the perfect place for them to get it.

Advice for Leafs and Wings from '24/7' vets -

Just don't say anything stupid or controversial, or anything that undermines your team or the other guys and you'll be fine.

Delay in unveiling team gives Canada another 10 days to evaluate Stamkos - The Globe and Mail

Wonder how the folks in Tampa feel about this?

2014 World Juniors: USA Hockey Announces Camp Roster - SB Nation College Hockey

Keep an eye on the defensemen here…the draft will be here before you know it.

PHOTOS: Nobody showed up for Panthers-Sporting News

If the boring losses keep piling up, you'll be seeing some pictures of an empty Bridgestone next.

Brandon Prust lands a perfect uppercut on Cam Janssen - Eyes On The Prize

Goodnight, sir.

An NBA Game In Mexico City Was Canceled Because The Arena Was On Fire-Buzzfeed

Seems like a good reason to me.

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