Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Corey Perry Hit Likely to Draw NHL Suspension

I doubt he'll look like this after hearing from Brendan Shanahan. - Jeff Gross

The NHL's 2011 Hart Trophy winner dealt out a late hit last night against Minnesota's Jason Zucker, which has the hockey world speculating over just how long he will be suspended...

Nashville Predators News

Starting tonight, we’ll find out if the Preds are buyers or sellers… | Section 303
The Preds can hold off slapping those For Sale signs on guys for a few more days, at least.

Smashville 24/7 - Three Preds offer thoughts on visors topic
Robby's article raises the case for the NHL mandating a visor requirement that's grandfathered in for current players. The problem is that too many players are too cautious to promote such a measure at the risk of imposing on their peers.

Felder’s Focus: An Old Voice and a Tough Choice | The Predatorial
Brandon Felder lends his voice to the growing "it's not Barry's fault" chorus for how this team is trending, point blame a little higher on the organizational ladder...

Watch surprise center ice reunion between serviceman, family at Cincinnati Cyclones game (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Great stuff from the Preds' ECHL affiliate.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Court of Public Opinion: Corey Perry puts a shoulder into Jason Zucker’s brain shell | Backhand Shelf
Honestly, I don't see this as much of a villainous hit like many others do. Yes it is late, but Zucker leaves himself in a very vulnerable position, and it didn't appear to me that Perry was targeting the head. Since Zucker got hurt, however, that will probably lead to a Shanaban. Here's a video in case you missed it, but what do you think?

Report: Are Miller's Days "Numbered" In Buffalo? - Die By The Blade
Could the Sabres ship out their franchise goalie?

Fired Columbus GM Scott Howson rejoins Edmonton Oilers in a scouting capacity … for now | Edmonton Journal
Talk about a perfect match...

NHL Awards Watch: What if Ryan Suter gets Norris nod and Shea Weber doesn’t? | Puck Daddy
There would be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, certainly.

Ilya Bryzgalov: Philadelphia Flyers 'done' if they lose twice to New Jersey Devils -
Remarkably plain talk for a professional hockey player.

NHL, NHLPA agree to change escrow rate to 20 percent, according to sources - ESPN
So, it turns out that revenues aren't so robust as had been initially reported. While ticket-buying fans are back in the building, I wonder to what extent corporate partners got steep discounts to stay engaged with teams and/or the league during the lockout.

Who's responsible for San Jose's scoring woes? - Fear The Fin
As if scoring just barely over two goals per game is a problem?

Statistician forecasts tougher second half for resurgent Maple Leafs - The Globe and Mail

And here I didn't think the Leafs were due to fall for another six months...

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of Chris Pronger

"October 10, 1974 - Chris Pronger is born to Jim and Eila Pronger in Dryden, Ontario, according to a doctor holding an icepack over his black eye and muttering that he could swear that kid did that on purpose."

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