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Has some interesting information in it. At first when I started reading it I was getting worried because all Forsberg kept saying about the trade was he was "surprised" and nothing about excited but then near the end of the interview it says that many players have told him that Nashville is a nice place to live, and he Forsberg says he feels its going to be super and hopefully he will have a bright future here.

Originally Posted by Dosing View Post Found a little interview with forsberg from hockeysverige, if u can handle google translate

Was taken by surprise by trade
"A shock." To describe Filip Forsberg's feelings after yesterday's announcement that his rights had been traded by Washington to Nashville before yesterday's trade deadline.

- This was something I had not expected at all, he says to
It happens a lot in Filip Forsberg's hockey life currently. On Saturday, he and Leksand were prepared for the premier league next season and many spoke of him going over to the Washington Capitals organization after the season with Leksand was over.

But last night strange things happened. Only an hour after the transfer window had closed the NHL Nashville Predators announced that they had traded Martin Erat and Michael Latta to the Washington Capitals in exchange for Filip Forsberg.

Hockey Sweden's chief editor, Uffe Bodin, commented on the transaction as follows: "For the Washington Capitals to give up on Filip Forsberg less than a year after he was drafted eleventh overall is a shock."

Filip Forsberg himself was also he was very surprised and found out that he traded from his team mate.
- It was actually Jacob de la Rose who called me. He sat and followed online what happened before the transfer window closed. Jacob called me and said that there were things going on. Then, it was a minute or so, he called again and said it was done, I was traded to Nashville, so he was the one who told me.

How did you react to the news?
- At first I was shocked, of course. This was something I had not anticipated at all. Now that it has happened I accept it, but it was a shock, absolutely.

Had you received any indication of Washington that this could happen?
- No, I had not. We had just talked about how we would make the postseason. Little bit about what they liked and what I thought. Then came here and, like I said, it was definitely a little shock.

Have you had any contact with Nashville's organization after Jacob de la Rose gave you this news?
- Yes, I called some people last night so I've talked a little bit with them.

What has Nashville said about your future?
- The club have said that they see a bright future for me and we are very pleased to have gotten me to the organization. It sounded optimistic on their part, I must say.

Did you talk any about how you want to go over there after the game against Sodertalje tomorrow?
- It went so quickly yesterday while I was quite taken by surprise over this news. We did not talk much about it, but we'll talk it over in the next few days.

Although Filip Forsberg plans were to travel to the Washington Capitals to play, he is already well briefed about his new club.
- Nashville has a really good goalie (Pekka Rinne) then it has Shea Weber in the lead of a really good defensive. That is primarily what has distinguished Nashville in recent years.
- Since it's very country and that's about it as I know, laughing Forsberg.

Nashville Predators have a Swede right now playing in the NHL, Patric Hörnqvist . But it's not that Filip Forsberg is already familiar with them.
- No, I don't know him really.

The Farm Team's Magnus Hellberg , Mattias Ekholm , Patrick Cehlin and Daniel Bang . Have you met them before?
- I do not think I have anyway, haha ​​...

What do you know about Nashville as a city except that it played a lot of country music in the bars there?
- What I have been told by some people at practice today, our North Americans (Kevin Kapstad and Mark Hurtubise) had a bit of an eye, is that Nashville will be a very good city to live in, which also feels good. It feels like this is going to be super.

Are you disappointed with the trade or do you see only opportunities?
- Absolutely not disappointed. There are things that happen in this business. I take it for what it is and try to do things as I can. Hopefully I can have a very bright future in Nashville.

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