Mike Fisher Season Review: How Much Grit Is Left?


Gritty play, moderate offensive production and a few lost games to injury combined for a pretty typical Mike Fisher season...

Mike Fisher

#12 / Center / Nashville Predators



Jun 05, 1980

1st Half Grade: B-

2012 - Mike Fisher 38 10 11 21 +6 27 1 0 0 68 14.7

Fancy Stats

5-on-5 Usage
15:17 39.7 +1.06 +1.57
Individual Team Metrics
5-5 Shots/60 5-5 Pts/60 Corsi On Corsi Rel
5.94 1.49 -4.46 +1.40
Power Play Penalty Kill
PP TOI/Gm 5-4 GF On/60 5-4 Pts/60 PK TOI/Gm 4-5 GA On/60
2:36 7.06 3.21 1:33 10.59
Penalty Plus/Minus Favor of the Hockey Gods
Taken Drawn On-Ice Sht% On-Ice Sv% PDO
0.5 0.8 8.88 929 1018

Explanation of table can be found at the end of Gabby Bourque's review.

His overall advanced numbers are decent, if not inspiring. He's pretty average in terms of the possession metrics, and doesn't put many shots on net himself.

Once again, Fish ranked among the league's leading forwards in Blocked Shots, a tribute to his on-ice leadership. His defensive game has never been in doubt, but as Nashville's reputed #1 center, the Predators could use more offensive punch up front. At least the production started to come during the second half of the season, as he put up 13 points in his final 15 games.

My Grade: B+


Locked in for two more seasons at $4.2 million apiece, Fisher appears set as Nashville's #1 center for the foreseeable future. Even if the Preds draft a center at #4 this summer, it will be a while before that player would be ready to take the mantel of leadership from Fisher's shoulders. The interesting prospect for 2013-2014 is whether a younger winger like Taylor Beck or Filip Forsberg might get an opportunity on Fish's line.

On the downside? One has to wonder about a decline in production as Fisher approaches his mid-30's and continues playing his grueling physical style.

2013 Highlight

Fish isn't typically thought of as a dynamic offensive player, but this goal against the Stars was pretty nifty, as he carried the puck into the zone & split the Dallas defense:

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