Tuesday's Dump & Chase: The Crying Game


Wow. What a horrible loss by Toronto. Just sick. A fantastic comeback from down 3-1 in the series, but they just ran out of gas. At least they seem to be taking it in stride. Ok, maybe not. And don't think we've forgotten about you, Washington. What a joke. Two chances to finish the series, and you're shut out in both games. Including Game 7 at home. Nice effort, guys.

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Preds have decisions to make with RFA’s

"[Butler] hasn't been consistent," said Predators GM David Poile, who traveled to the World Championships in Europe this past weekend. "If we can get his 'A' game all the time, we have a spot for him." I have a question. Does this philosophy apply to everyone on the team, or just Butler? Because I didn't see a ton of "A" games "all the time" from the forwards.

Free Agency Preview: Playoff Teams With Potential UFAs - Predlines

Jagr. I have to vote no, if only to keep these creeps out of town.

Slovakia uses last chance, beats US 4-1-IIHF

OOOH!! Craig Smith with a game misconduct!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Maple Leafs deserved better than this-Toronto Sun

Well, the fans did, for sure. When you're up 4-1 in the 3rd period, you gotta find a way to close that one out. Being that nobody had come back from a 3 goal deficit in the 3rd period of a Game 7. EVER.

Washington Capitals routed by New York Rangers in Game 7- The Washington Post

"Lesson? Maybe learn how to play in the playoffs, I would say."-Nicklas Backstrom. Yeah, they seem to get bounced from the playoffs pretty early every year.

Milan Lucic's handshake is a bit personal-Puck Drunk Love

I'm really hoping he just missed.

Sens coach revels in underdog role-Ottawa Sun

Good. Because he's in it again.

Jimmy Fallon does NHL awards bit, gets pretty much every name wrong (Video)- Puck Daddy

Hey Martin Erat! Come on down!

They Tell Me You Are Wicked And I Believe Them | III Communication

The most concise Hawks-Wings series preview you'll find. Guaranteed.

NHL: Record Ratings and Attendance, But Apparel Sales Down-The Hockey Writers

The owners continue to suffer the ill effects of the lockout.

NHL rejects Darin Pastor's bid to buy Phoenix Coyotes - ESPN

So I guess they're still taking offers, if you're interested.

Russian Youth Hockey Fight Is Insane, Full Of Flying Russian Children-Deadspin

There's so much diving and sliding it looks like an open tryout for the Canucks. And some of these kids have a real shot.

Kane faces Crosby in Play of the Year Showdown-TSN

Roll the video...

Senators’ owner Eugene Melnyk is not pleased with his Twitter replies | Backhand Shelf

I'm with you, buddy. The "haters" are always going after powerful, successful people like us. It's sad, really.

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