Less-Than-Sexy Forward Moves the Preds Could Consider


You could also call this Fanpost "Cheaper forwards the Preds could consider". This article will be ideas I have and in no way are meant to suggest they will comply.

First, I will list a few assumptions I will make. 1- I won't consider the draft since it hasn't happened. 2- I won't consider any pending RFA's, just UFA's. 3- Also no possible buyouts since they are speculation at this point. 4- We won't sign any "big name" players so Ribeiro, Elias, Clarkson, Alfie, Gonchar won't be considered. 5- I also doubt Ryder, Roy, Horton, Dupuis, Weiss.

Now I will give a couple thoughts before I begin on signings. Trade SK74. Let me say that again... TRADE SK74. He is skilled enough someone wants him. Poile needs to find out who wants him the most. He's soft and won't shoot. Time for a change.

Also, don't re-sign Yip. I know Trotz seems to have a man crush on him, but we can do better.

Here are a few players I would love to see in the Pred Head.

Ryan Clowe may be first. He's tough, reasonably skilled and not too expensive. Trotz mentioned in his exit media presser we need to get bigger and tougher. I've begged for several years for that change so Clowe fits that bill.

Bickell might be a cheaper version of Clowe. As we have seen in the playoffs he has enough skill to play with elite players , but has the mindset to be very effective in lesser roles and still score at a decent rate. He is very cheap

Matt Cooke is much the same, but I'm guessing never hits the market. Max Lapierre is less skilled but meets other requirements.

The list above, sans Clowe, likely would be dependent on not re-signing some of our RFA's such as Spaling, Hustlechuk or Butler since they would be what some may consider upgrades of those guys. It would also give us a bigger, tougher grind line w/o losing much skill.

One last option, which I really like, if we didn't attempt much of a size/toughness/meanness upgrade is Viktor Stalberg. He would get quite a raise, and deservedly so. I love his game. He would likely be the fastest skater on the team on day 1 and has scoring ability. He wouldn't be a huge upgrade, but rarely do we make those type upgrades and with Weber still getting the big bonus money I will be stunned with a big money p/u. He's younger (27) than many of the more known, sought after forwards and IMO has more upside. He also is a better budget fit.

Add Filip Forsberg and a #4 draft pick (hopefully Barkov) and we would have some young skill to put w/ Willie, Horndog, Bourque, etc. So... tell me what you think. Just remember we all want the big names. Also remember we almost never do that.

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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