Friday's Dump & Chase: Penguins Re-Sign Malkin: 8 Years, $76 Million

Justin K. Aller

So much for the talk that the Penguins might have to break up their core for cap reasons. I don't know if they had much choice on this, but this contract, along with Crosby's, will carry a close to $20 million cap hit. For two guys. Through 2020. They don't have a ton of other guys locked up long term, but still...that's a lot of eggs in just the one basket. (Side Note: If you really want to see something funny, check out Vancouver's "cap space")

Nashville Predators News

Prospect Aleksander Barkov would be a good choice for the Predators | The Hockey Writers

I'd rather have one of the other top guys (Non-Seth Jones Division), but there's no point in wanting something you can never have.

Andrei Kostitsyn is staying in the KHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Does he want some company?

Smashville 24/7 - 2003 a special draft for Preds

Weber and Klein, plus the future Family Man of the Year in the same draft. So solid.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The day after: "glass half full" edition - Stanley Cup of Chowder

It looks like they're Keeping Calm and Carrying On.

Six facts on Stanley Cup Game 1 classic - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN

A couple of other facts: The Blackhawks like to make children cry, and the Bruins think rainbows are stupid.

Stanley Cup Final Game 1 draws monster rating | Awful Announcing

I know the lockout was tough, but hopefully one day people will forgive and come back.

Can Glendale make a decision on the Coyotes by June 25? | ProHockeyTalk

The city doesn't seem to really care if the team leaves or not. I really feel bad for the Coyotes fans.

Tom Sestito and the Enforcer Market | CanucksArmy

I like having an enforcer, but it really is somewhat of a dead roster spot.

How long does a guy have to set his DVR for to record a full sporting event? | Backhand Shelf

At least 6 seconds longer, apparently.

Blue Jays Fans are Very Mean to Boston Bruins Fan - SportsPickle Video

It was Canadian Mean though.

How To Make Stadium-Style Nacho Cheese-Buzzfeed

I've got a pot of this brewing right now. It goes with everything!

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