Tuesday's Dump & Chase:Penguins Out-Everything'd, Down 2-0

Justin K. Aller

Pittsburgh better figure out what's going on, and fast, or their season is gonna be over by the end of the week. The Bruins have totally dominated both games, outscoring the Pens 9-1 in the process. Who starts in goal for the Penguins tomorrow night? The Kings are another team on the brink, down 2-0 to the Blackhawks. They're undefeated at Staples Center, and they'll need to keep that streak going to climb back into this series.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Sidney Crosby, Penguins 'terrible' in blowout loss to Bruins in Game 2 - Yahoo! Sports

When you lose 6-1, yeah, that's a pretty accurate assessment.

Why Did the Penguins Try to Out-Bruins the Bruins? - PensBurgh

An excellent question.

Kings know Game 3 against Blackhawks is virtually win-or-else - LA Times

Probably, but Chicago did just lose 3 in a row to Detroit in the last round, so anything's possible.

Colorado Avalanche: What To Do With Paul Stastny? | The Hockey Writers

Trade him to Nashville for Kostitsyn, of course.

One reporter’s perspective on dealing with John Tortorella for four years | Backhand Shelf

I sympathize with coaches and players who get asked a lot of stupid questions, but this isn't the way to deal with it. Give the boring, cliché answers like a normal person.

Tootoo on thin ice in Detroit-SI.com

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

NHL, NHLPA set to discuss mandatory visors - Sportsnet.ca

I'm not sure why a player wouldn't want to wear a visor, but I guess they're out there.

Jagr Swagr. What's it Worth to A Team in the Upcoming UFA Market?-Hockey Buzz

Any contender would probably love to add him. For the right number.

The Carolina Hurricanes are getting new uniforms which probably won’t look too much different | Backhand Shelf

If this is anything like what they'll unveil later today, It'll be highly disappointing.

Top 10 hockey pickup lines, courtesy of 1998 Nagano Olympics U.S. team (YouTube classic) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Number 1 is the clear winner here.

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