Sunday's Dump & Chase: How Much Is Too Much For Your Goaltender?


After Tuukka Rask's new $56 million deal last week, the exceptionally talented and hilarious Ryan Lambert wrote a great piece on the ever increasing salaries and accompanying cap space being tied up by franchise goalies. While I object to the opinion that Pekka is overpaid, it does raise an interesting question, particularly for small market teams. The cap is expected to go up in the future, but this really only gives a little wiggle room to the biggest markets who can afford to eat multi-million dollar mistakes or pay $5 million to a backup. And as we can see here, basically zero dollars have been invested in an NHL-ready option to serve as a backup this season, despite Pekka's offseason hip surgery. So what do you think? Does this situation concern you? What if Pekka is unable to return early, or suffers a setback and misses significant time? What would something like that do to our ability to field a competitive team in the future?

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Rinne on track, upbeat after hip surgery

Let's hope it continues.

Nashville Predators' Seth Jones plays well in 'intense' scrimmage | The Tennessean

I've heard he played well AND he didn't play well. Would anyone who was there like to confirm? Also, it probably doesn't matter too much.

Excited Children Take Photo With Their Favorite Nashville Predators-Deadspin

The cynicism has even bled through to the children. So sad.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Why Tyler Seguin’s dad did no favours in defending son’s party lifestyle | Puck Daddy

Maybe ALL the Seguins need to stop talking for a while.

No talks, no new news on Miller, Vanek - Sabres Edge

If Buffalo really wanted to trade either of these guys, they could.

Cherry says Kovalchuk is ‘just laughing all the way to the bank’ | ProHockeyTalk

"I'm the only guy that says the truth." -Someone needs to tell him "the truth" about those ridiculous suits.

So, Why Hasn't Dustin Penner Been Signed (By Anyone) Yet? - Jewels From The Crown

Being sort of average might be a factor.

The Great One's son set to play in Vancouver -

What's he playing? I didn't think there was much hockey going on right now...

Greatest Call Tournament - Round 2 Allen Bracket | Awful Announcing

The hockey entry would be a huge upset here.

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