Wednesday's Dump & Chase: 2013-14 NHL Schedule On The Way

Frederick Breedon

And it could come as early as today. What games are you excited about? Without seeing the dates, my 12-gamer will probably include Boston, Pittsburgh, New York (both teams) San Jose, Washington and some combination of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, with the rest filled out with division games. Noticeably absent: Detroit and Chicago. A big No Thank You to both of those. How about you?

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Leipsic won’t let lack of size stop him

Good for him. I've never been stopped by a lack of size, either. Just by a lack of talent and experience.

Three Minutes With: defensive prospect Anthony Bitetto - Section 303

I don't know why, but Northeastern University sounds like one of those sorta fake online schools that offers degrees in worthless subjects like nutrition or journalism.

The Battle of the Cumberland | The Predatorial

This shouldn't even be close, although Jake "3rd &10" Locker has his fans.

Threeze Frame: Blake Geoffrion’s Hat Trick, 20 March 2011 | III Communication

Three goals by the Predators in one game and by ONE PLAYER! Truly amazing.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Ranking the desirability of all 30 NHL destinations to unrestricted free agents | Backhand Shelf

Is Philadelphia really this high?

Pavel Datsyuk on Red Wings’ future, Winter Classic and making opponents look silly | Puck Daddy

"Maybe my passport says I am 35, but on the ice you get punched in the face for some reason." Um, ok.

NHLPA: 14 players line up for the humiliation of salary arbitration |

Keep these guys in your thoughts.

Down Goes Brown: New MLSE chief Tim Leiweke's plan to bring the Stanley Cup to Toronto

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Dustin Penner rejoins the Ducks: 'I've always wanted to come back' - LA Times

He finally gets out of Los Angeles.

Is there a disconnect between Twitter and reality? | Awful Announcing

Yes, but Chris Berman still sucks.

Ralph Nader Is Just Mailing It In These Days-Deadspin

C'mon Ralph. Look, you had the seatbelt thing. Great job. But leave the hot dogs and nachos alone.

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