PLAYOFFS?! HERE ARE THE FACTS .......WITH MY THOUGHTS (Edited)fixed all caps, added poll, and finished some thoughts.

Where do the Predators stand?

25-24-10 60 points 12th in the conference

23 games left for a possible 46 points

That is 12 away (11-12-6) and 11 home(14-12-4)

Here is a list of teams that the Predators have left to play

From the EAST:

Penguins 40-15-3 83p

Lightning 33-20-5 71p

Jackets 29-24-5 63p

Sens 26-22-11 63p

Caps 27-23-9 63p

Sabers x2 15-34-8 38p

From the WEST:

Ducks 41-14-5 87p

Blues x2 39-12-6 84p

Hawks x3 35-11-14 84p

Sharks 37-16-6 80p

Avs 37-16-5 79p

Wild 31-21-7 69p

Stars x2 27-21-10 64p

Yotes 27-21-10 64p

Canucks 27-24-9 63p

Jets 28-26-6 62p

Flames 22-29-7 51p

Oilers20-33-7 47p

To make the big show a team is going to need some where in the ball park of 94 points

(93.8 points is the last 5 seasons average to be an 8th seed in the playoffs * not including last season.)

So here are the options:

Option A: "WIN OUT" that Would put the PREDS at 106 points this is perfect world something the Hawks and Ducks are only capable of…...I say this because they are two teams recently (last year and this year) to string wins together consistently.

Option B: This is the most "Realistic"out of the options stick with the "Predator Way" our beloved PREDS will finish out around 83 points this season missing the playoffs. (my prediction is 77 points and you can say I am being pessimistic and I hope I am wrong . I Really hope I am wrong but I keep thinking of that Jack In The Box commercial "not with that attitude.)

Option C: If the Predators win 75% of the games LEFT (A feat they have yet to demonstrate and as dirk pointed no team has been that consistant) They would finish out somewhere in the 94.5 points range.(with help) Which if that happens the PREDS could potentially make a run as a wild card against The Ducks….. yes the Ducks who have been and absolute terror to play this season.(nooooo thank you)

GMDP has been buying as of late but does this feel like last year all over again? He should be selling wouldn't it be something to trade Legwand for a fresh face. Don't get me wrong I love Leggys work as of late and he is a heart and soul guy. This team needs a changing of the guard Trotz, Leggy, Wilson, Bourque, Stalberg are players and coach I see as expendable.

so if you are still asking yourself playoffs?!…JUST STOP....SERIOUSLY.....

The silver lining is two fold seeing guys like Watson, Beck, Sissions, Foresberg, ect. potentially crack the roster and get some much needed NHL playing time. Secondly maybe just maybe seeing Pekka make his grand return.

The real question you should be asking yourself is "what if" Predators stick with Trotz for one more season?….. What is the ownership telling the fan base. Stanley Cup Predator? or Stanley Cup Pretender?

so as we get our fix from the olympics for now and see some amazing hockey (savor it.)The only thing I can count on for the Predators this season is missing the playoffs...yet AGAIN!

I leave you with this gem of a clip of how a I feel about this team so far.....enjoy

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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