The Argument for Dismissal of David Poile and Barry Trotz

Indeed, I feel that it has come to this. Please Rec this Fanpost if you agree that it is time for David Poile and Barry Trotz to be fired as GM and Coach of this Franchise. My goal is either that the Predator interns responsible for social media will read this and report accordingly to their superiors in the organization or that this fanpost will be shared to the point that the NHL can finally observe the fan frustrations in Nashville at the moment. Hopefully both. Relevant arguments for their dismissal:

1. The breaking point for me was Rich Clune receiving 12 minutes (Twelve!!!) of ice time in a meaningless Tuesday night road game against the woeful Buffalo Sabres while the main offensive hope of this franchise, Fillip Forsberg sat around his apartment in Milwaukee missing out on invaluable NHL experience, in a season where he has shown that he can contribute and experience positive growth at NHL level (5 points in 12 games as a 19 year old).

2. In an offseason after a year in which the team finished dead last in Goals Scored (albeit with a depleted forward core) and heading into a season in which our two generational talents and franchise cornerstones were going to turn 29 and 33 respectively, David Poile (with the glowing endorsement of Barry Trotz) signed three players who have combined for 25 goals so far in 179 games (0.13 Gpg average, on par with most fourth liners) who have earned a combined 8 Million dollars this year, with 8 contracted years left between them and are 36, 31 and 27 respectively. David Poile to Predator fans with these free agency moves: "Let Them Eat Cake!"

3. Colin Wilson, the second best Forward prospect this franchise has drafted in 15 years (#1 being of course my namesake) totally stagnating in his development at the exciting age of 24 [When nearly every NHL player enters their prime] and looking completely passive on most nights as he fails to realize his excitingly skilled and creative "first-line-forward" skillset in a dump and chase system with inconsistent and underwhelming line combinations for a team that has relied on him to do too much for his entire career.

4. Dump and Chase every freaking night in a league where puck possession hockey is essential to winning hockey games and has been embraced by every Elite team, even helping to transform the bottom feeder Avalanche into a Contender in the span of a few months. The President's Trophy Possible Anaheim Ducks won 17 out 18 games at one point in large part because they move the puck well, employ fast and dynamic young talent and play courageously confident hockey. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks, Blues and Bruins remain atop the standings partly due to their acute realization that 90's style hockey is totally counter intuitive to success at the NHL level.

5. Our beloved Patric Hornqvist, Swedens' third leading goalscorer for a 3 year stretch that ended only a few years ago and still very much in his prime, being passed over for his nations Olympic team by 8 clearly inferior hockey players as he struggled offensively due to yet again having to carry the load for this scoring challenged team as he was paired with inconsistent and substandard linemates in a Dump and Chase system. Though he played well and earned his newly appointed "A" as an assistant captain, Sweden decide to leave him at home and fittingly lost the gold medal game due to a depleted forward core (karma in my opinion).

6. Fifteen long years of the exact same management duo! Though we've had a good run, this franchise hasn't a single banner, only 2 playoff series wins and no major NHL awards to speak of. It's become apparent that Barry Trotz is not a coach that fares well with Quality teams in the playoffs and that David Poile has difficulty in acquiring the proper talent to deliver a true Stanley Cup Contender. We are the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" franchise of the NHL.

7. The Radulov - Kostitsyn joint benching in the playoff series against Phoenix is clearly looking like one of the worst management decisions of the decade.

8. This franchise has not developed or drafted an All Star level forward in Fifteen years.

9. Though circumstantial, the losses of some of the league's more valuable assets (Timonen, Hartnell, Hamhuis, Franson, Suter) for virtually nothing continue to hamstring the ceiling of our hockey teams on a year to year basis.

10. The Paul Gaustad contract.

11. The consistent negative energy put on the players from this duo by unfairly blaming them for the struggles of this team as it was indeed the futility of the management that led to these unfortunate situations: A) Every forward on the roster being told "they need to step up offensively" on a yearly basis as they are assigned standards they will never be able to achieve, for various reasons B) Carter Hutton and Matthias Ekholm being chastised for their poor play while they were put in far over their heads at an early point in their careers, And of course C) the much frequented and completely counterproductive Trotz Doghouse.

12. Last but definitely not least, watching yet another year slip away while they regale the passionately loyal fans with myopic jargon like "Offense by Committee" and "Competitive Rebuild" as we continue to enjoy the presence of two of the very best players of their generation, giving everything they have to this directionless hockey club on a nightly basis, their wonderfully promising careers meandering aimlessly into the nether regions of National Hockey League purgatory.

Please, feel more than welcome to add your own reasons for and against. Consider this hopefully a cyberspace guerrilla style storming of the Bastille. Off with their heads I say!

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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