2013 - 2014: The Worst Season in Nashville Predators History?

While we're not quite finished and the 2014 draft is still months away, I feel that we can safely say this is indeed the worst season in Nashville Predators History. Let us compare using a Pro/Con system and determining an overall mark based on the circumstantial evidence to determine if this in fact the reality we face.

1998 -1999

Pros: Nashville has an NHL Franchise with a cool logo and fertile fanbase! Drafted David Legwand, Promising Youngsters Vokoun, Timonen and Walker emerge, 28 Wins for an expansion team is great, We Finished ahead of the Canucks, Islanders and Lightning

Cons: Missed Lecavalier by one pick, Lack of Talent base due to Expansion, This Franchise has a long way to go

Overall Grade: A+! (We have a team!)

1999 - 2000

Pros: David Legwand with a solid rookie campaign, Kimmo Timonen blossoms, Solid veteran base develops along with a few European signings (Peltonen, Yachmenev, Kjellberg), Poile selects Martin Erat with the 191st overall pick,

Cons: Team wins only two more games than year 1, Poile selects Brian Finley 6th overall

Overall Grade: B+ (Woohoo hockey in Nashville!)

2000 - 2001

Pros: Team Wins 34 games and finishes 3rd in the Central and 10th in the West, Defensive Identity develops while finishing 7th in GA, Scott Walker and David Legwand become top six forwards, Drafted Scott Hartnell and he does well as an 18 year old, David Poile wins Lester B Patrick trophy

Cons: 28th in GF with 186, Poile continues to miss on nearly all of his draft picks

Overall Grade: A- (Excellent season for a 3rd year team)

2001 - 2002

Pros: Martin Erat and Denis Arkhipov, Drafted Dan Hamhuis and Jordin Tootoo,

Cons: A Small Step Backwards winning 28 games as GA falls to 23rd, GF still in mid 20's

Overall Grade: B (Neither here nor there but still solid)

2002 - 2003

Pros: Tomas Vokoun becomes the #1 starter with a solid season, 9th in GA, Young Core continues growth,

Cons: Only 27 wins (fewer than the expansion Blue Jackets) though fewer regulation losses, Again near the bottom in GF, Drafted Scottie Upshall over Joffrey Lupul

Overall Grade: B- (Hopefully there will be progress soon... )

2003 - 2004

Pros: Playoffs! With 91 points and 38 wins the team snags an 8th seed, 12th in goals scored, Take the Dominant Red Wings to 6 games, Trade for Steve Sullivan, Acquire Marek Zidlicky, Young Core Actualizes, The 2003 Draft (Suter, Klein, Weber oh my!), The Predators leave "expansion" mode,

Cons: The 2004 - 2005 Lockout takes some wind out of the collective sails.

Overall Grade: A+ (An extremely positive year in all regards)

2005 - 2006

Pros: Preds sign Paul Kariya, Finish 10th and 7th in GF/GA, 49 wins and 106 points 7th best in the NHL, Alexander Radulov and Pekka Rinne drafted, Yanic Perreault/ Mike Sillinger signings, Young Core blossoms, Old core stabilizes

Cons: Losing to San Jose in 5 games as the higher seed, Brendan Witt trade

Overall Grade: A (San Jose Series is fairly disappointing)

2006 - 2007

Pros: 110 points and 51 wins missing out on the President's Trophy by 3 points while 4th in GF and 7th in GA, Trade for Future HoFer Peter Forsberg, Alexander Radulov breaks rookie scoring record, Chris Mason emerges while winning 24 games, Jason Arnott and JP Dumont signings, Drafted Cody Franson, Cal O'Reilly and Patric Hornqvist

Cons: Losing to San Jose on home ice in 5 games again, Tomas Vokoun Blood Clots (?), Parent over Hanzal

Overall Grade: A- (San Jose series is very disappointing despite terrific season)

2007 - 2008

Pros: Solid Season despite fire sale and ownership issues, 41 wins and a playoff spot, Lose a competitive series to eventual Cup Winners Detroit, Continued Development from young players, Alexander Radulov with 58 points at age 21, Dan Ellis emerges

Cons: Fire Sale :( Timonen and Hartnell go to PHI for nothing, No first round pick leads to a useless draft

Overall Grade: A- (Team does well despite lousy circumstances)

2008 - 2009

Pros: 40 wins while finishing 11th in GA, Contributions from unlikely sources, "Trotz and Poile doing well despite adversity" narrative gains steam, A solid season given off ice distractions, Sullivan Wins Bill Masterson Trophy

Cons: Radulov leaves unexpectedly for Russia, Team misses the playoffs by 3 points, Steve Sullivan injuries, Jon Blum drafted over Mikael Backlund/David Perron while the team had Hamhuis, Suter, Weber and Klein,

Overall Grade: B+ (Radulov leaving was awful and the franchise almost went bankrupt)

2009 - 2010

Pros: Team achieves 47 wins and 100 points despite lack of elite talent, Pekka Rinne emerges as a #1 starter, Suter and Weber become #1 D men, 6 game First round loss to eventual Cup Winning Blackhawks, Drafted Colin Wilson and Roman Josi

Cons: The Chicago series was a painful experience and yet another playoff loss

Overall Grade: A- (47 wins with continued off ice struggles is pretty nifty)

2010 - 2011

Pros: 44 wins and 99 points while finishing 2nd in GA, Pekka Rinne posts one of the best seasons of All Time, Shea Weber becomes a Norris regular, Youngsters Wilson, Lindback and Franson emerge, First playoff series win against a good Ducks team

Cons: Pekka Rinne robbed for a Vezina by Tim Thomas, Team is led in scoring by Sergei Kostitsyn with 50 points, Great Draft overall highlighted by Craig Smith taken 98th, Wasted a major opportunity in the Vancouver series due to a lack of scoring talent

Overall Grade: B+ (This team wasn't much without Pekka and Shea but still did well)

2011 - 2012

Pros: 48 wins and 104 points while 8th and 9th in GF/GA, Pekka Rinne once again is magnificent, Radulov returns and is a key player in round 1, Lovely contributions from young talent, Shea Weber: Best D man alive?, Craig Smith enjoys a sizzling start to his rookie campaign

Cons: After beating a fragile Wings team the Preds falls apart against Phoenix, RadustitsynGate, The Reaction to RadustitsynGate, Rinne once again denied for a Vezina, Paul Gaustad acquired for a first round pick, Shea Weber denied a Norris Trophy, Ryan Suter leaves for nothing,

Overall Grade: B- (A good team with crucial foibles and a disappointing year in the end)

2012 - 2013

Pros: Seth "Captain America" Jones drafted 4th overall, 25 games of Colin Wilson, Roman Josi emerges, The Roman Josi contract extension, Fillip Forsberg acquired

Cons: Seth "Captain America" Jones drafted directly after 3 elite forwards, NHL Lockout, Rash of injuries to forward core expose lack of forward depth, Colin Wilson injured after a wonderful 25 games, Craig Smith sophomore slump, 20th in Goals Against with a Healthy Rinne, Paul Gaustad contract

Overall Grade: C+ (The injuries are an excuse but this team is looking fragile)

2013 - 2014 (In Progress)

Pros: The good Seth Jones moments, Roman Josi #1 D man, Marek Mazanec: Rookie of the month, MDZ trade, Craig Smith, Legwand trade, Matt Hendricks trade, Nick Spaling

Cons: The bad Seth Jones moments, Is Colin Wilson a Zombie?, The Rinne Injury, Carter Hutton signed as a backup, Rich Clune getting ice time and dressing ahead of more talented/younger players, Bad home record, 29th in GF, 24th in GA, 25th overall record, -41 Goal Differential, Patric Hornqvist being left off Team Sweden, The FA signings from the summer of '13, The Viktor Stalberg Saga, "The Best Hockey this team has played in 10 years", Rebuilding with two of the best player's of their generation still very much in their primes, League leading 9 times shutout, 25 games of 1 goal scored or less, Predators fans feeling completely trapped, So Colin Wilson is a zombie, right?

Overall Grade: D- (A total mess with a few bright spots)

In my opinion, this is by far the worst season in Predators franchise history.

Why do we have to endure this ice based plague of locusts?

Why not demand change?

This FanPost was written by an OTF reader, and does not represent the views of the editorial staff. Got something you'd like to share? <a href="" target="new">Post your own</a>!

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