Thursday's Dump & Chase: Kings, Wild, Rangers Advance

Ezra Shaw

Wow, Sharks. You really have made choking an art form. Blowing the nearly impossible to blow 3-0 lead gave your fans something to remember for a very, very long time. They'll have an interesting offseason...everything from management to the team name should be up for change. Should the Avs be upset about being bounced? They did lose to Minnesota, who isn't very good, but they were the worst team in the league a year ago, and they're trending in the right direction. The big winner in the Flyers-Rangers series? The Philadelphia Police Department, who can turn their attention from arresting people at Flyers games to arresting people at Phillies games. And prepping to arrest people at Eagles games. Round 2 kicks off tonight with Montreal-Boston...who ya got?

Nashville Predators News

Barry Trotz stays busy without NHL job-The Tennessean

Idle hands are the Devil's playground, is what they say.

A Norris Win Impacts More Than Shea Weber - Predlines

I don't think it's happening, but it would be great if he wins.

Round One, Game Three: Scouting the Enemy | Admirals Roundtable

The Admirals are down 2-0 in a best of 5, and are NOT playing the Sharks or Blues. Gonna be tough.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Game on! Habs, Bruins finally set to drop puck for Game 1-Montreal Gazette

Will the Habs be rusty after being off for roughly 3 weeks?

This one's gonna leave a mark - Fear The Fin

Oh yeah.

The San Jose Sharks Join A Depressing Club By Blowing A 3-0 Series Lead-Deadspin

It's such a rare occurrence that it should be banner-worthy.

Semyon Varlamov the goat in shocking loss - The Denver Post

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Allegedly.

Wild's Game 7 triumph one for the memory vault -

Hold on to this one as long as you're next opponent knows how to bring the hammer. I'm seeing a few 5-1 losses in your future.

Flyers need to give Mason some

I've got the answer...Superstar Defenseman Shea Weber!

Instead of disastrous ouster, chance for real Rangers Cup run | New York Post

Mostly due to a lack of confidence in their next opponent.

PICTURE: Avalanche Fan Clearly Struggling to Accept Team's Playoff Elimination - SportsPickle

If you know this man, can you call and see if he's OK?

16 Hella Rad Skateboarding Dogs-Buzzfeed

For all the losing teams and their fans. Let the healing begin.

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