Nashville Predators Analysis

Analysis: Breaking Down 3 Key Goals

A closer look at a few of the goals scored by and against the Predators over the past couple of weeks.

How the Western Conference is Shaping Up

The cream is already rising to the top of the NHL's Western Conference, leaving an assortment of teams battling for playoff position in the weeks ahead. Chris Rydburg separates the contenders from the pretenders.

5 Questions Facing the Nashville Predators

We're sure to be in for a wild ride as the NHL plays a shortened regular season, and for the Nashville Predators, that means the margin for error is narrower than ever. How the following questions are answered will play a major role in determining th

How the New CBA Impacts the Nashville Predators

As one of the NHL's smaller markets, Nashville's financial success is influenced heavily by the terms of the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement. So how will the new deal impact the Predators?

2014 Winter Olympics: Team USA Should Pick Poile

If Team USA wants to take their best shot at Olympic gold in 2014, they need to pick the general manager who has consistently overachieved against more-talented teams: Nashville's David Poile.

Will the Nashville Predators be a better team in 2012-2013?

The Nashville Predators have enjoyed a fair amount of success in recent seasons, but are they in position to take another step forward?

Do the Nashville Predators forwards bring enough firepower?

The sixth anniversary of J.P. Dumont's signing by Nashville brings to mind the high-flying talent on the most dynamic team in Predators history.

2012 NHL Free Agency: Winners & Losers in the Central Division

Which Central Division teams have made the moves in Free Agency to set them up as contenders this fall?

4 reasons why the Nashville Predators can afford Shea Weber's contract

Despite what some critics around the NHL may say, the Nashville Predators should be able to afford Shea Weber's 14-year, $110 million deal, and field a competitive team, too.

We've Got Weber: What Now?

Now that the captain is locked up, which forwards should the Nashville Predators consider adding on the free agent market?

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