Funny stuff. We hope.

Rich Clune Calls Out Twitter Chirper... Literally


Things are never dull when you're a hockey player on social media.

How To Hate: The Central Division [Part 2]


The road ends here, but hate? Hate never ends. Hate is a flat circle.

How To Hate: The Central Division [Part 1]


Our cup floweth over with HATE. The first part of our final chapter focuses on the teams most of the league doesn't bother hating. But we know better. This is the best division in hockey from top...

C.S.I. OTF: The Case of the Errant Golfball


Strange things are afoot when Seth Jones gets blamed for a mysterious golfball striking the Fisher residence. OTF investigates the incident and the war of words that follow to bring you the whole...

How To Hate: The Pacific Division


The Pacific Division contains more talent, more recent success, more drunken spending, and more desperation than the Metro. So why is it less talked about? Well, three teams are in western Canada,...

How to Hate: The Metropolitan Division


Bad contracts! Questionable GM decisions! ALL THE MONEY! It's the Atla-... um, Metropolitan Division.


Join The Battle Of The Blingees!

"Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…" Emma Lazarus (The Statue of Liberty)"GIMME ME YOUR BLINGEES!!!" MouthGuard (Lollipopelier.) HOW? Battle of the...


There’s absolutely nothing to see or do in Denver

One OTF reader provides the most unusual Nashville Predators/Colorado Avalanche preview that you'll ever see...

Ray Emery vs Richie Incognito: 2 Wrongs = ???


The conversations around the NFL and NHL are dominated these days by two players whose recent actions have people questioning the continued relevance of longtime macho cultural norms. Perhaps the...

How Would Today's Predators Fit in NHL 94?


The release of EA Sports' latest NHL game has us thinking back to days of yesteryear... long before the Nashville Predators even existed.


The New Battle Cry: "Let's Go Perds"!


The great thing about working for a pro sports franchise is that you get to bask in that big-league glow, and when the team does well, even the janitor's chest puffs out a little bit. The downside?...

Google Casts Jay-Z in the Role of Seth Jones


Those wacky algorithm-crunchers at Google have done it again, portraying another Nashville Predator with an inappropriate picture on their search results pages. This time, we have Seth Jones...

OTF Photo Caption Contest, NHL Draft Edition


Aleksander Barkov is shown above holding court during a media availability session this afternoon... so how's that conversation going?

OTF Photo Caption Contest: June 21, 2013


Hmm... I wonder what Sergei & Andrei were really chatting about back in the spring of 2012? I'll get you started: "Really? I had no idea Aeroflot offered double miles on KHL travel."

OTF Photo Caption Contest


Fame & glory await the reader with the wittiest response here...

The OTF Photo Caption Contest


So... what does Chicago Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita have to say about things these days?

OTF Photo Caption Contest, Tom Cruise Edition


Yeah, yeah, I fell down on the job and forgot to get this posted on Friday... but now you have something to do this weekend! What the heck is going through Tom Cruise's mind at this Kings game?

Alternative NHL Awards: Who is the LVP?


We've all heard the phrase describing the Hart Trophy as celebrating the "player judged most valuable to his team" in the NHL. But which unfortunate souls are on the opposite end of that scale?

It's Time For The 2013 Alternative NHL Awards!


Sure, the NHL's best & brightest get their honors at the end of the season, but here at OTF we like to put the spotlight on those players who excelled in the unusual things.

OTF Photo Caption Contest


So Darth Vader shows up at a Maple Leafs game... It's your job to fill in the punchline. And, go!

5 Biggest Boners in Nashville Predators History


Sometimes, it's the most infamous of incidents that leaves a player's lasting mark on a franchise. Will last night's gaffe be what Nashville Predators fans remember Sergei Kostitsyn for?

5 Manti Te'o-Style Hoaxes Involving the Preds


We at OTF don't have the investigate resources to unearth the real story behind some of the widely-accepted truths known to Nashville Predators fans, so we'll just make some up.

Google Doodle Honors Frank Zamboni's Birth


Google doodles celebrate all sorts of events from time to time, and today it marks the birth of Frank Zamboni, inventor of the famous ice resurfacing machine that plays such an important role in...

Hockey Brawl Video: Havoc in Huntsville


The SPHL's Huntsville Havoc represent the nearest pro hockey option for Nashville Predators fans, but full-scale brawls between players and sticks being thrown doesn't look much like the modern game.

Happy Birthday, Shea Weber


Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber turns 27 today. What do you get for the guy who just signed a $110 million contract?

Your Weekly OTF Photo Caption Contest


It's that time again...

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